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    Annoying calls

    So.. I figured, since most of the calls you get from the Gear, are pretty annoying.. Which of the calls do you think is the most annoying? I didn't find a topic similar to this, so if there is one, then close this one ;) The most annoying calls I got were from Camper Todd, in front of the...
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    Shiny Leaves/Crown

    So.. I just got the Shiny Crown, but what can I do with it? :') I mean, searching for the leaves is just a useless sidequest if you ask me..
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    What's the perfect Pokémon team?

    Hey! So.. I was wondering, what do you think is the perfect team to have? Discuss! :D
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    How do you get icons?

    Hey, I see some users with icons, like an Ash, Misty or Rocket Icon under their user title. How do you get those?
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    Alexjuuhh's Sprite Shop!

    Hey guys! So I've been using this thread to show my sprites, like, just showing what I've made. And I already started to ask for requests, but now I'm going to start my own shop, for real. Here's my list of offers: Splices - 2 or 3 Pokémon per splice. Please give me the name of the...