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  1. Sakuraa

    Review JN037: I'm Back, Nice to Meet You, Alola!

    I literally only checked on this episode to see Kukui and Burnet's little bambino. He is too cute. I only wish we could have seen more of him :bulbaLove:
  2. Sakuraa

    Review TW07: Sky

    That was a great final episode. Leon getting lost on the way to the stadium and ending up on a freaking mountain was so Leon. I loved that John got to meet Leon, ride to the match with him on Corvinight, AND watch his battle close up. He really deserved it. :bulbaLove: The battle was beautiful...
  3. Sakuraa

    Spoilers Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: DX

    I finally got around to getting and finishing the main story of Rescue Team DX. I loved it so much. I felt right at home and pretty much remembered every bit of dialogue and plot point. The updated graphics and cutscenes are so nice. Battling against A.C.T. on Mt. Freeze was easily my favorite...
  4. Sakuraa

    Review TW06: Moonlight

    Why the hell did they have to fill my son's episode with a plot totally unrealted to him? They couldn't have just given John and Tommy their own episode to have this little spat instead of making it take up all of Allister's episode? We legit barely see my boy, which sucks becasue the little...
  5. Sakuraa

    Spoilers Pokémon UNITE

    Not my kind of game so I'll pass, though it looks cool for what it is. I will say that I don't think any dislikes or upset comments mean much. The game, seeing as it's made by Tencent, seems geared toward Chinese gamers who don't have access to Youtube. I think games like Unite are super popular...
  6. Sakuraa

    June 24th Pokemon Presents Discussion

    I didn't expect a Tencent game to be the new game annoucement, but it looks cool. I don't see myself playing it since I'm not into those types of games like Unite is, but consdering it looks to be geared toward the Chinese market, this game is likely gonna be pretty big.
  7. Sakuraa

    Spoilers Official Sword/Shield Travelog Thread

    I finished the Isle of Armor story today :bulbaWave:
  8. Sakuraa

    Spoilers Official Sword/Shield Travelog Thread

    The adventure continued today.
  9. Sakuraa

    Spoilers Since we know that the levels scale in the DLC, how does this affect your team plans?

    I used my in-game team for the first part of the dlc, but I plan to use Kubfu only for the part of the game I'm at now.
  10. Sakuraa

    Spoilers Official Sword/Shield Travelog Thread

    Started the Isle of Armor today and I'm enjoying it so far. :bulbaWave:
  11. Sakuraa

    Review Zuruggu and Mimikkyu: Chase the Beans

    Wow, that was awesome. I never thought I'd see something like this from Pokemon, but that was nice.
  12. Sakuraa

    Review TW05: Assistant

    I liked this episode, even though I'm not the biggest Oleana fan. This episode did make me want to ship her and Chairman Rose, tho. I espcially thought the cameos of gym leaders across the episode was really nice. But more important than anything else, finally, FINALLY my son Allister is next...
  13. Sakuraa

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    I'm so excited. All of the new content looks great. I love the Galarian forms of the Legendary Birds. It's funny becasue I like them in the order of Zapdos>Moltres>Articuno, which is the reverse of my prefrences for their original versions. I like how their special moves are in some way...
  14. Sakuraa

    Preview JN028: Sobbing Messon

    This might be the first Galar episode I skip. Not only is it featuring ugly Sobble, but also obnoxious TR...
  15. Sakuraa

    Preview JN027: Legends of Heroes! Dande's Greatest Battle!!

    Feels like it's been years since there's been an episode in Galar. I can't wait to see Leon again :bulbaLove:
  16. Sakuraa

    News Alyson Leigh Rosenfield

    Congrats to her :bulbaLove:
  17. Sakuraa

    S23: Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode Dub Title Thread

    Okay then, I was just curious. Thanks for the info. It's weird for me to think that Pokemon won't be on TV anymore.
  18. Sakuraa

    S23: Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode Dub Title Thread

    So.......I just heard that the new series is gonna be on Netflix now, so does that mean it's only ever going to be there and never on TV again, or does Netflix stuff air on TV as well? I don't use the site, so idk how any of it works.
  19. Sakuraa

    Review TW04: Early-Evening Waves

    I'm glad the dub is finally out. I've been so anxiously waiting for this episode and was glad to finally see my girl Nessa in action. This was a good episode, though not my favorite (that'll probably be Allister when they eventually give him his well deserved episode). I actually thought Nessa...
  20. Sakuraa

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    I guess it depends on how large of a portion of the Kubfu stuff has in the Isle of Armor. I'm almost getting this feel that it's mandatory to keep it around for the sake of story. I surely hope not.