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    Koopa-Paratroopa's G/S/C Splices!

    Meh, my first attempts at splicing, wanted to show 'em. I'll take requests I guess, these are kinda fun and easy.. Any comments on my(probably horrible) sprites?
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    Explorers of Sky:Green Royalty

    Uh, hi. This is my first Pokemon fanfic, so constructive criticism would be very helpful. Without anything else for me to say, on with the story! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    The Quilava Cup*KPT and Quilavaprincess*

    Silva entered the stadium. Inside his bag were six Great Balls with Pokemon in them. He had twelve Full Restores whacking against his back with every step. He stepped out into the bright sunlight, with a Poke Ball metal arch over his head. He saw his opponent at the other end, and slid out his...