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  1. AzraelCat

    GEN VII: LF lvl 6 Ash's Pikachu (Hoenn Cap)

    Hello pokemon fans, I am looking for an Ash's Pikachu (Hoenn Cap), that was distributed September 26 – October 2 at level 6. I can offer: Ash's Pikachu (Original Cap) level 1 Ash's Pikachu (Sinnoh Cap) level 9 Ash's Pikachu (Unova Cap) level 13 Thanks! FC 2664 2463 4609
  2. AzraelCat

    looking for a north american Arceus gamestop code

    Hello trainers! If anyone has an extra North American gamestop code for Arceus, and wants to help me out of the kindness of their heart, please send me a private message. I have other events, some shiny pokemon, and all kinds of items and berries for trade. I am looking for a code, rather...
  3. AzraelCat

    Collectors and Breeders! offering vivillon, Unown, cosplay Pikachu, perfect ditto, berries, items!

    hi pokemon fans, I am offering all vivillon patters each Unown each cosplay Pikachu perfect IV ditto of each nature all berries most items Complete your collection! Feel free to make me an offer. No shiny pokemon, please.
  4. AzraelCat

    offering 6IV ditto

    With the new games coming out soon, it is time to start planning your team. In order to help with that, I am offering 6IV dittos for free. These are all cloned and no doubt altered, to give them them perfect IVs. This time, I am offering them through the GTS. It is easier that way, since I...
  5. AzraelCat

    offering Tanabata Jirachi and surfing Pikachu, through Wednesday 08/13

    Hello, all I am taking a few days off from work, and want to offer some exciting event pokemon to the community. This offer will only run through Wednesday, 08/11/2014. I have a Tanabata Jirachi and surfing Pikachu for trade. These are cloned pokemon. If you want either one, or...
  6. AzraelCat

    GEN VI: enigma berry

    Hi all and especially Ellenflandey, I am looking for the enigma berry. I do not have the move Celebrate, but I do have some events to trade. Let me know if you want to trade. My FC is 2664 2463 4609
  7. AzraelCat

    GEN VI: wanting berries

    Hi all, I am looking to collect all of the different kinds of berries in my Pokemon X. I am looking for: Wiki berry Kelpsy berry Grepa berry Occa berry Passho berry Rindo berry Yache berry Kebia berry Shuca berry Coba berry Payapa berry Tanga berry Charti berry Haban...