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    Mafia All-Stars Mafia - Endgame - Homeward Bound - 7/21

    Everyone enjoys a vacation. Hero or villain, it doesn't matter. Sometimes, you just gotta get away from it all. It's a universal appeal to everything that makes them alive, offering them a chance to just relax and unwind. To each and every one of them, a card was sent out. An invitation for such...
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    Mafia Sword Art Online Mafia - FIN - Town Victory! - 1/27

    November 6th, 2022. A new game genre, virtual-reality massive multiplayer online role-playing game, hits the shelves in the form of Sword Art Online. The first of its kind, the players plunge themselves into a virtual world, where they are capable of nearly anything. 10,000 copies are available...
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    Wanted: DW Lileep

    My only requirements are that the Lileep needs to be Female and it needs to have its Dream World Ability, Storm Drain. EDIT: This has been taken care of, and the thread is now obsolete.
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    Gen V WiFi RMT

    First things first. This is for WiFi random matchup, so take that into account. I carry a strong dislike for legends, as well. This team is meant to hit fast and hit hard, leaving no room for the opponent to try anything clever. Almost everything here is also purely hypothetical at this point...