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    GEN VI: HA Tyrunt

    Hey guys, I really want a hidden abillity Tyrunt to breed for my own. Im looking for either a tyrunt with the Sturdy abillity or Tyrantrum with Rock Head. Sadly (for me), this pokemon was only given to people that participated in Nintendo's tournament. So if anyone has got one of those and...
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    UU Team needs advice

    Hey guys. So here is my UU team. The goal of this team is to weaken the opponents team with bulky offensive pokemon, then sweep with Reuniclus or Gogoat once a situation occurs where they can set up and their counters are removed. However, Im pretty new to the UU metagame and never was the best...
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    Offered: Shinies, IV's, Teddiursas and Items

    I offer some of the pokemon and items I have laying around. I have multiple of some of the IV pokes, so please ask if you're unsure if I still have those. I will try to keep this first post updated. If you want anything nicknamed, tell me the name you want me to give it. Shinies. NOTE: These...
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    RMT: Battlespot 3v3 Singles.

    I don't know how to do the pokemon sprites, so I'll just bold the names. As the title suggests, this team is designed for battle spot, the 3v3 singles format. The goal of the team is to use offensive pokemon, most of which can take a hit when switching in. I try to play by the smogon rules...
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    GEN VI: Wanted: HA Alomomola and HA Carvanha/Sharpedo

    Hello trainers, I am currently looking for an HA Alomomola (Regenerator) and HA Carvanha/Sharpedo (Speed Boost), both of which were only available in BW dream world and cannot be obtained now in any other way than breeding. I do not particulary care about shiny, natures and IV's, as I will...
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    Hello everybody

    Hey all, Im Ryme Syt, new member to this forum! Im 25 years old and live in the Netherlands. I have played pokemon since pokemon red and loved the series ever since. My favorite pokemon are Jirachi and Dragonite. You will mostly find me on the trade section of the forums, or in the "pokemon...