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  1. Gryphoness

    My Life As A Teenage Demon-Hunter

    It was evening, somewhere close to Chicago, She didn't know where, and Maya Dare was casing a demon across the freeway. The monster was hissing and spitting, frantically trying to either kill her or escape the squirt-bottle of holy water in her hand. Her choppy chestnut hair fell into her eyes...
  2. Gryphoness

    TEEN: Mistara (A Pokeshipping Story)

    So, hey, it's Elphie, and this is my new AAML fic, Mistara. It's based on the animated movie Anastasia. It's rating is just for safety, although there's one swear-word in the prologue, and will probably be more in the future. So, sit back, relax, enjoy -and don't forget to reveiw...
  3. Gryphoness

    I Need Help "Casting"

    I would like to write a pokeshipping story based on the animated film Anastasia. But I need help chosing Pokemon-characters to fit the roles of the story. This is what I have so-far: Anastasia/Anya- Mistara/Misty Dimitri- Ash Vlad- Brock Rasputin- Giovanni Czarina Alexandra-...
  4. Gryphoness

    PokeMorph High: It's Just The Beginning (Me and Miles Prower)

    Bless "Lessie" Arrow was tired. Very tired. Well, that was to be expected, considering that she'd just had a kid several minutes ago. She laid there in a hospital-bed and tried to ignore the pain in her lower body so she could get some rest. You'd think Nathan's mother would have warned her how...
  5. Gryphoness

    LOD: A Beautiful Melody (Me and KrimsonNomad)

    Nineteen-year-old Elena "Ellie" Kades was sitting at the kitchen-table, waiting for Haly to finish breakfast, when her three-year-old ran into the room, footie-pajama-feet rubbing on the linoleum. "Mama, Mama, there's a big doggie outside!" "Really?" Ellie asked, following her child to...
  6. Gryphoness

    Pidgey Of A Feather (Me [Elphaba] and Aurasoul)

    In a cave, at night, three Pokemon were asleep. On the left was a scrawny Pikachu named Devo, in the middle, a Vaporeon named Vui with a Pink Bow around her neck, and on the right was a Riolu named Sy, with a green scarf. Suddenly, Vui woke, screaming bloody-murder.
  7. Gryphoness

    May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor! (Hunger Games RP)

    Plot: Pretend the Second Rebellion never happened, and President Snow is still in power. This is the Seventy-Ninth Hunger Games. Remember, one male from each district, and one female. Tributes: Reserved Sign-up template: My Sign-up: Name: Laelani Jadassen Age...
  8. Gryphoness

    Return Of Thread (Dragonriders Of Pern)

    PLOT: It has been ten Turns (Years) since Thread, a parasitic spore, has fallen from the Red Star onto the faraway world of Pern. You are a new dragonrider (Called a Weyrling) at Benden Weyr, and you and your friends discover that Thread, for the destruction of which, dragons were bred, is...
  9. Gryphoness

    PokeMorphs 3: The Next Generation

    OOC: PMH is fictional, but the story takes place in my hometown, a tiny little map-dot called Mount-Gilead, Ohio. ================================================================= (IC) Thalia Jones walked into PokeMorph-High on the first day of her freshman-year, bored outta her mind. She...
  10. Gryphoness

    PokeMorphs 3: The Next-Generation

    Plot-summary: Fifteen years ago, two teenagers named Nathan and Lessie started a team called The Fighters in order to combat The Threats, a group of PokeMorphs who belive that Morphs should hunt regular humans in order to eat. Now, Nathan and Lessie's oldest daughter and her friends enter...
  11. Gryphoness

    TEEN: Sk8r Boi (Non-PKM. Based on Legends Of Demigods)

    Hiya, Fae here. This is a story I'm writing with my boyfriend and my bestie. It's based on the RPG here called Legends Of Demigods. It's it Alternate-Universe and All-Human, meaning the gods don't exist. This is based on the song Sk8r Boi by Avil Lavgene, and the chappie-titles are lines from...
  12. Gryphoness

    Soul And Body

    Based on The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I own nothing but the idea to combine The Host and Pokemon. Warning: Long chapter ahead ================================ Beyond The Ice Fields was a Healer. Being a Soul, he was wonderful. Perfect and virtuous by nature. But in a human body, being...
  13. Gryphoness

    Bwaby Mworphs (A PokeMorph High fanfic)

    Will gave me this idea. He told be about a dream he had where his favorite charcters from books and movies were little kids. So I decided to do something like that for PMH. In this chapter, Nathan is four, and May, Lessie, and Flame are 3. (Typos and such are intended.) I own Lessie, while...
  14. Gryphoness

    Brendan's Story (Revival)

    Okay, I tried to write this before, and lost, but I promise I'll do better this time. The first chap. is just like the first time around, but this time I'm gonna keep going. I own nothing. ================================= "Brendan!" Professor Birch said into his Pokenav. "Join me in the...
  15. Gryphoness

    May in PokeMorph High

    We need someone to take over this character: Name: Maylene Walker Nickname: May Group: Fighters Morphs into Cyndaquil Appearance: Teal sweatshirt with a blue tee shirt under it green skirt navy blue leggings Dark Green Bandana and Brown boots has blonde hair and blue streaks in...
  16. Gryphoness

    Wicked (PKMN-Style)

    Hello, my lovlies, and welcome to If you've seen the musical, you'll know the story. And as you can tell, Misty is Elphaba, Dawn is Galinda/Glinda (I'm calling her Dalinda at first) and Ash is Fiyero. I don't own Pokemon or Wicked ========================= In the land of Oz, a crowd of...
  17. Gryphoness

    Do you like Jovianshipping (Saturn/Jupiter)?

    As said above, Jovianshipping is between two TG Commanders: Saturn and Jupiter. I think it's really cute. Anyone else?
  18. Gryphoness

    Show-offshipping (Max and Dawn)

    Not too popular, but adorable. I'm guessing Max was nine when he and Ash parted ways, and since Dawn is ten, and they look cute together, plus they act alike, I'm gonna ship them. Please tell me I'm not alone!
  19. Gryphoness

    One Morning In The Life Of Gabby Ketchum

    Inspired by this pic drawn by Brigette: I only own Gabby ================ In a little house in Pallet, a little girl came down the stairs, rubbing her eyes. "Good moring, Gabby dear!" Her mother sang out cheerfully. "Morning, Mama!" Gabby replied. A door slamed. "There's my birthday...
  20. Gryphoness

    COMPLETE: PMD: My Sunshine (A PlayerXPartner one-shot)

    I don't own PKMN =================== I'd had a shadow of a life for as long as I could remember. 'Till I met her. I still remember it... I was on the beach, watching the Krabby blow bubbles when something made me turn. I saw a Pokemon on the sand. Panic siezing me, I ran over "Hey! Are you...