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    COMPLETE: Mary Perkins Creative Writing Contest entry

    My school has this contest every year where students must write a creative piece (poem or prose) about nature. I'm hoping this qualifies! :P This, or Any Other World This story takes place in the town of Joko, four hundred and seven years ago. It’s a quaint little town nestled in the...
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    Oops. Once again, Team Chaotix, not pokemon

    Well, I made an oopsy. I'm not supposed to upload files, even though the button is right there. Oh well, its my fault for not looking at the rules better. So anywho, here it is, messed up formatting and all. Chapter 1 Vector So, I’m sitting in my office, listening to music on my headphones...
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    Tricky Love

    Tricky romped through the forest as happy as he could be. His tiny vulpix paws sent up showers of leaves and he dashed from pile to pile, sometimes disrupting nincada or caterpies. He always apologized of course, but sometimes he felt like just running off at the next falling leaf or strange...
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    Young love

    I really wanna make a love story between two pokemon and do the kind of thing I do on my website. I'm looking for these qualifications: Someone dedicated. That means you are able to post most every day. Someone who can post at least a paragraph or two as a response. 100 words and up is...
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    Pokemon Journey

    Plot: In another world, its almost identical to ours, only one big diffrence, humans are replaced by Pokemon, they form teams, challenge gym leaders, and fight their rivals in a journey accross Kanto, as well as facing the evil Team Rocket's attempts to conquer the world. My characters...
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    Old Friends (Pikagirl)

    Thespia blinked his eyes at the newly risen sun. He yawned and stretched, then walked out into it. He was instantly greeted by a little riolu with a pea green scarf. "Hello Sy!" He said. Sy looked rather downcast though, which was weird for him. "Is something wrong?" Thespia asked.
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    Love is in the Air (Darth Pema, Quilava Princess, Shadow Arceus)

    Pon was a small Poochenya, and a rather unhappy one at that. His parents left him because he was a runt and he had to fend for himself. He was quite good at caring for himself (he should be after 15 years) but he was still lonely. He wanted someone to love. Someone to call his own. She didn't...
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    Pollution and Pokemon (Fresian, Pokeking, Spetsnaz, and Ninegon Master)

    Beckle opened his Eevee mouth wide in a yawn. What a beautiful day! The sun shined over his head as he walked through his beloved forest. He cocked his head at a strange noise. Following it, he arrived at a big metal building with some kind of black liquid flowing out of it. Icky! He thought to...
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    PAP (Play as Pokemon!)

    Hey guys, its me again. Just lookin for some more people who wanna RP as wild pokemon, not trainers. I was thinkin' that a plot could get figured out after we have all the members and species. After 3 days I will take all of the members that have joined so far and discuss a plot with them. Sign...
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    A delightful encounter (Faithful Fresian)

    It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the bug pokemon were out and buzzing. Thespia walked slowly through Viridian, taking in every aspect of the forest as he went. On such a beautiful day, why did he feel so sad? Maybe because he hadn't a friend in the world, and no one was about to...
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    A different kind of RP

    Hey guys, I'm not really sure how many of you are into this, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to do like, an adventure rp between two POKEMON. No trainers involved. Well, maybe involved, but not rp'd as. Like, two wild pokemon going on an adventure or something. Idk, they can even fall in...
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    Pikachu colored pichu question

    Just a quick question. I'm guessing that since I evolved my Pichu, I won't be able to do the spiky eared pichu event, correct? Also, does spiky eared pichu retain said spiky ear throughout its evolutions?
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    Hay guys

    Uhmm... yup... The little bar thingy told me to post here and say I'm new, so ok, here I is! The end By Redclaws The end v.2