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  1. SuperTrainStationH

    DISCUSSION: When Ideas From Your Fic Coincidentally Show Up Later in Canon

    Has anyone else ever had an experience where something you came up with in a fic later on ends up becoming featured in canon to the point where no one would ever believe YOU came up with the idea first? To start the thread off, I'll offer an example I came across. In 2009, I started an overly...
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    COMPLETE: Eating an Espeon (TEEN)

    "Off page violence", but as the title implies, this isn't a pleasant piece. ---------------------------------------------------- The roasted Espeon is served with asparagus and mashed potatoes, and presented in as attractive and tasteful a manner as such a dish could be. The meat is...
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    TEEN: Wind & Rain [Episode 30 - "Team Patriot"] [11/1/15] (SEASON 3 FINALE!)

    NOTE: (2/2017 - This fic is not being updated, though behind the scenes, I've written more than 40 unpublished episodes and heavily revamped many of the earlier episodes. I'll likely begin posting again with a new thread when it's 100% complete.) TEEN: - Wind & Rain [Episode 30 - "Team...
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    COMPLETE: The Myth of Munia (one shot thingie) (EVERYONE)

    During the Great Annihilation, the world that existed before the creation of Pokémon was laid to waste by the actions of humans. After that, the world was reborn into the one we know today. The legendary Pokémon that molded earth in those days gave our world new life in the form of magical...
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    Am I the only one who finds writing battles boring?

    I mean I understand fully how essential battles are given the nature of the source material, but somehow I just find the process of writing out Pokémon battles very tedious and leaving me anxious to get through to the end of the battle. I find most other forms of action, dialog, and scene...
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    COMPLETE: Fifty Barrels, They Say (TEEN)

    I wrote this unexpectedly, so I'll just ago ahead and post it. Hope you like it. ----------------------------------------------------------- The blinds were shut in Mildred’s bedroom, though daylight crept in through the disheveled slats and cast the room in a dusky din. Huddled on the...
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    Unova & New York City - Spelling it Out Plainly

    This subject has been touched on before in other threads, many of which are now out of date, but here I basically wanted to compile an easily accessible, easily understandable resource explaining the inspirational connections between the Unova region and the New York City metropolitan area...
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    COMPLETE: The Yellow Blanket - Your Very Own Pokémon Journey (EVERYONE)

    Do you remember that day you spent in the Pokémon world? It was such a normal, wonderful day, like any day in your own world. Nothing extraordinary happened, no one needed saving. In fact you nearly mistook it for a trip you made in your own world until you recall the day in detail, and the...
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    COMPLETE: Thoughts Upon Passing (EVERYONE)

    Trainer, master, friend, I am so proud and grateful to have lived my life as your Pokémon. From the moment you chose me, my life truly had meaning. You made me more than just myself, you made me yours. Yours to love, to cuddle, to share with, to play with in the summer sun, to keep...
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    Does Nacrene City's possible IRL inspiration warrant a mention somewhereon its page?

    When real life locations in the films and video games are inspired by real-life locations, its generally pointed out on the corresponding page on the Wiki. Regarding Unova in particular, we've been given lots developer quotes to support when certain features are based on real life parallels...
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    Real Unova: Mistralton City Airport (Episode 4 Up!)

    Perhaps not the typical video fanwork, but a unique one I'm sure! I got positive responses to the Unova/NYC comparison/tour videos I did in the past so I decided to take it to the next level. Thanks in advance just for reading this post and more so if you choose to watch! So.... The Pokémon...
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    TEEN: Wind and Rain - The Stormy Story of Team Cyclone (Chapter 3 added 6/15)

    I've gotten extremely positive and warm responses to my earlier one shots and have been asked to attempt a longer work, so here it is. This story concerns a unique setting incorporating elements of the Pokémon games, animé, the real world, and my own daydreams. I'd like to approach this in the...
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    COMPLETE: Through a Window in Nuvema Town (EVERYONE)

    Haroun, from his seat on the bed, looked out the adjacent window. He saw a man and his Pignite painstakingly keeping a barbecue grill fired and preparing frankfurters and burgers. It was raining that evening. “Only in Unova.” Haroun said to himself. He glanced to the notebook computer sitting...
  14. SuperTrainStationH

    Differentiating Pokémon speech from human speech

    I was just working on a fic and found that I had a lot of Pokémon and human speech going on intermingled. I considered italicizing the Pokémon dialog to help differentiate it as being a separate language from the human dialog. Any thoughts on this? I may or may not do it.
  15. SuperTrainStationH

    How would I go about sharing this.

    I made a youtube video that I specifically wanated to share and offer for discussion and wasn't sure the best way to go about doing it without it coming off like advertising. if the fanworks boards were a little more general I'd consider putting it there, and it seems just about unique enough...
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    COMPLETE: How Silver Learned How to Stop Being A Meanie and Feel the Love

    “Oh my god. What’s happening to me?” Silver didn’t know what to make of this feeling. He couldn’t trust it. It was so alien and threatening, taking root in him and spreading rapidly through every corner of his being. Why did it feel so good? Why did it feel so warm in his chest? Was this...
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    COMPLETE: Edgar's Vigil

    "Edgar, come to me." My trainer said as he released me from my Pokéball. We were at home, Amos' apartment. My trainer laid crumpled, weak and miserable under the covers. I had sensed the migraine taking root in my trainer's body some time ago during an exhibition match at the Battle Tower...
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    My "welcome" thread.

    Hi. I have a YouTube channel and a website and wanted to come somewhere to talk about Pokémon, so here I am.
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    Unova / New York Correlations

    Not sure if this should have gone in the anime section or maybe even Black and White, but I'll give it a shot here. I also figure this is specific enough a topic for its own thread. Anyway, we all have known for a while that the Unova region is based on New York City, but a former NYC...