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    Post your current Ctrl+V (v2)

    raocow is creating videos | Patreon ...bluh?
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    Cheating In the Games (Controversial Topic!)

    The extent of my cheated pokémon as of X/Y is a shiny Yamask egg. The Yamask is not leaving that save file via Bank (even if it could), I don't battle online, and the Yamask is shiny specifically so that I remember to not trade it. I have more interest in sending new combinations of teams...
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    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    Simon Blackquill ...I just realized I need to redo that game T_T
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    Why do you guys want regular evolutions over megas

    In fairness, TheCableGuy probably expects players to specialize in one mega. To pick one Mega and stick with it. It's only a chore if you're actively doing it for all 48 Mega Evolution-capable pokémon. For a casual player, it's perfectly reasonable to say "Here, if you want your pokémon to Mega...
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    Type the above person's username without looking at your keyboard!

    RagnorokX I think I got it; I larned touch typing when I was younger sho I whould be abkle to tyype blindly once I fond my home row
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    Post your current Ctrl+V (v2)

    Smogon Tiering FAQ | Smogon Forums
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    Why do you guys want regular evolutions over megas

    I wouldn't mind seeing Affection become part of the Mega Evolution mechanic, but it's too late to fix it now since we've already got the lazier method available to us. Amie is strangely relaxing when you're playing Amie for the sake of playing Amie, and it's a good-enough time sink when you just...
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    Would you have rather had Z or ORAS knowing only one would exist?

    I have to go with ORAS over Z. Despite ORAS forcing us to side with the evil-ish team's rival team (which is, by the way, ALSO evil-ish) instead of accurately showing both teams' good and bad sides and keeping the player relatively neutral (WHICH I completely understand that they had to do it...
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    Blind or Spoiled - how much do you want to know?

    For me, I'd like to know region name, evil team name, starters, and what the region map looks like. Basically everything that normally gets released beforehand except for who the local mythicals are (which invariably happens anyway because movies). I'd also like to know if there's a built-in...
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    Post your current Ctrl+V (v2)

    ON *:TEXT:!powder:#raekuul: { if (%amStreaming == TRUE) { splay -w C:\mircsnd\ptm.wav } }
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    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    That fox again
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    Types that you never use on in-game teams?

    I generally disregard ground and dark types. If it's from a subtype I'll roll with it (Torterra is one of my favorites) but I generally don't like them. Which is a shame, as I'm replaying platinum and that's the perfect excuse to have Houndoom.
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    What DON'T you want to see in SM?

    I haven't actually finished BW yet so I didn't know Ghetsis was included in the group. Thus far I've thought Ghetsis was just trying to confiscate all the guns pokémon to consolidate his own position as King of Unova. Regarding the realism thing - I suppose a somewhat intelligent yakuza/mafia...
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    What DON'T you want to see in SM?

    I acknowledge the point, but in Cyrus' case it's really hard to keep your plans secret from your co-conspirators when you're being a criminal mastermind. They tend to mutiny if they feel they're being kept in the dark about important stuff, especially with something like "Oh, by the way, I'm...
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    What DON'T you want to see in SM?

    Please stop having the evil teams use the stock evil pokémon for their region. It's boring. Please stop having the evil teams being run by omnicidal maniacs. It's unrealistic (who would willingly work for someone who wants to destroy all creation?) and we've had that twice now. Please stop...
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    What religion are you?

    Mormon... quite liberal, though. Anyone else here a Mormon?
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    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer-- the thread that will someday rule BMGf

    Raekuul returns! Because that's how it is. Didja miss me??
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    URGENT: Stop posting NOW.

    We noticed.
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    Which is better, keeping moves learned naturally or using TMs?

    I have a balance, but I tend to use TMs more than not, 'specially for High powered moves.
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    Rate the Avatar Above You

    8/10 I think it's too ight, too. Cool characer, tho!