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    Ask me any applied science question.

    I graduated college with a b.s. in chemistry, minor in computer science. I'm looking for some good questions that I might be interested in researching on. So I'll supply you a list to help you guys brainstorm. When I took my 1st year chemistry course, I asked my professor all sorts of things...
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    Pokémon, so Chinese infleunced?

    Why is Pokémon so Chinese influenced and not Japanese? 1.Arcanine - it's pokédex entry says it is an ancient legendary "Chinese" pokémon. 2.,3.Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan named after Chinese martial artists Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, but none named after any Japanese martial artists...
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    The 10th movie: makes sense to you?

    So Dialga and Palkia, just "randomly" find each other, in the reverse world, and fight each other. Does that make sense to you? I mean, they were both created by Arceus, so they both know each other, so why would they be fighting each other? This is where the movie didn't make sense to me.