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  1. masterofthez

    A return to Orre

    Who here remembers Colosseum and XD? I do. I played XD a lot as a kid. So my question for the internet is would you want to play a hand-held pokemon game(Gym leaders, wild pokemon, ect.) that takes place in the Orre region after the events of XD? We saw in XD that wild pokemon started to appear...
  2. masterofthez

    The Good and Bad of Best Whishes

    Pokemon best wishes is almost over and Pokemon X and Y are right around the corner it is time to ask the question of what did you like/dislike of Best Wishes? Anything you would want to see again or something that you hope never sees the light of day again. How about an idea that that was a good...
  3. masterofthez

    Speculation Player Character Canon

    I was doing a play through of HG when I noticed something. Even though you can choose which gender to play as in FR/LG, Red is in canon the trainer who beat Team Rocket and beat the Kanto League the first time. This now raise the question of which characters actually did the journey. Was it...