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    GEN VII: LF:King Rock FT: Event Salazzle code

    I really need a King Rock to evolve my slowpoke to a Slowking. I have an Extra Salazzle code to give in exchange for it. Update: I also now have an NA Marshadow code also for trade.
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    GEN VII: Have a King Rock? exanchange it for cool Pokemon and cool Items

    I am looking for a King's rock and and willing give someone a Pokémon and and item. Friend code: 1779-2054-3984 Nintendo Nickname: Carebear Pokémon Moon name : Keirsten Choice of Items to give you Strange souvenir Festival Ticket Heart scale Big Pearl Big Nugget Oval stone. Rare candy Rare...
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    GEN VI: Loooking for help to complete Kalso pokdex

    I am hopping to complete my Kalso Poxdex Pokémon I am Looking For : -Pupitar No longer avaliable Dragonair #1 Move set :Warp, Twister, Dargon Rush, Thunder wave Nature: Hasty Dragonair #2 Move set :Warp, Twister, Daron Rage, Thunder wave Nature: Admant Dragonair #3 Move set :Agility, Dragon...
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    GEN VI: Be Flabébéous and help out gal in need for a Lv.1 Meowth

    I am looking for a Level 1 Meowth any stats, or ball,. As the title suggest all mostly have are Flabébés. All Pokémon are in the basic. If you want to nick name or re nickname any of the Pokémon up for trade just tell me and I will do so before the trade. Pokémon up trade Flabébés...
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    Going back to the

    Hello I am new member who has been lurking here for quite awhile. you seem like a cool bunch. I am big fan of the anime series and I prefer my Team Rocket goofy and I just love when they team up with there twerp. I have seen up to Jhoto chronologically missed DP only cause of scehelding...