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  1. Daren

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Keep in mind Whitney's 'tank has a Lum berry in HG/SS, so anything involving status effects requires you to get two of them off. One cheap option is to get a Heracross and powerlevel it (I think you can head north before fighting Whitney to get the trainers up that way) to level 19 so it learns...
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    Controversial opinions

    :lapras: This does remind me that one of Meowth's lines in the Japanese version of "Go West Young Meowth" was rather darker. Per Dogasu's translation: Horrific emphasis in bold by me. Oh thank heavens. 15 is pretty much what I always pegged him as, actually.
  3. Daren

    All Ash's reserved and released Pokémon overlooked?

    Although oddly enough beating Darkrai was probably the peak of Sceptile's career. I've said before that the current situation makes Ash look inconsistent since he loves his Pokémon but we stop seeing him interact with or mention them after an arbitrary (in universe) point and isn't willing to...
  4. Daren

    Pokemon Twitter deletes Porygon Tweet: Controversy and History

    I actually saw that tweet when it first appeared. The official account was tweeting scenes from the show of various Pokémon in national dex numeric order, and when they got to Porygon just tweeted "404: Porygon not found" (that one has not been deleted as of this comment), followed by the "did...
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    I played Ultima Online and the original Everquest, once upon a time. In the end I just didn't really enjoy the multiplayer element and the incredible grindiness (since I only played an hour or so a day and never joined any guilds I never progressed far in either) and once single player open...
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    Speculation How does the Galar League work?

    This is speculation, but I imagine the Gym Leaders tournament is a round robin type; a knockout style tournament with 18 is problematic because it would leave an uneven number of competitors after the first round. I admit I didn't notice that when I played the game. That seems like as good an...
  7. Daren

    Pokemon Journeys: Sword/Shield Chapter

    Raihan is going to appear: View:
  8. Daren

    Preview JN039: Satoshi VS Saitou! Conquer the Octopus Hold!!

    I agree. Both of them are highly driven to defeat Leon and Raihan's in the Master-class already, which links into the game's comment that he's supposedly strong enough to be the champion if he wasn't in Galar. I'm not convinced Ash needs a rival in this format (especially with Leon already set...
  9. Daren

    Preview JN041: Pikachu's Great Dubbing Operation / Half a Numacraw

    Probably because a lot of that speculation already happened on the thread about the poster.
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    Preview JN039: Satoshi VS Saitou! Conquer the Octopus Hold!!

    From a realism standpoint, subbing in his uber powerful Pikachu over the comparatively untested Galarfetch'd is a logical reason for Ash to win even without too much training time--if Pika beats Hitmontop then does good damage to Grappoloct it would seem reasonable. It does increase my worry...
  11. Daren

    Preview JN039: Satoshi VS Saitou! Conquer the Octopus Hold!!

    444. ...which in retrospect is fitting because apparently in Japan the number 4 is considered unlucky. It was actually larger than the review thread.
  12. Daren

    Preview JN039: Satoshi VS Saitou! Conquer the Octopus Hold!!

    With five days to go it might beat the XY131 preview thread.
  13. Daren

    Preview JN039: Satoshi VS Saitou! Conquer the Octopus Hold!!

    I think that depends on how much damage Pikachu does to Grappoloct before going down, since Riolu's previous match was "fairer" (depending on how much/any damage he took from the Dojo master); if he gets in a good blast (considering how hard Pikachu hits nowadays) and Ash has a way to counter...
  14. Daren

    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    It's less them nerfing Ash for the league and more that without the Frontier the Hoenn league would have taken place about a year later so Grovyle may have been a Sceptile for it. Yeah, Sceptile (and the other AG team) got sort of screwed by the decision to have the Kanto starters the one who...
  15. Daren

    Preview JN039: Satoshi VS Saitou! Conquer the Octopus Hold!!

    It does sort of feel tacked on at this point, like it was just tossed into episode 36 to give Ash something to do when Gou caught Flygon and the others.
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Preview JN039: Satoshi VS Saitou! Conquer the Octopus Hold!!

    So either he got his rank back off-screen or more likely we'll see a quick filler battle at the start--that could be where either Galarfetch'd or Dragonite come in.
  18. Daren

    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    I do wonder if we'd have seen Grovyle evolving before then if the Battle Frontier didn't exist; the BF arc seemed to cause pacing issues for late AG and maybe they were caught off guard by the first four year generation. That said Journeys is moving fast so that's probably why we're getting...
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    New Poster

    I'm not sure this is what nickdt was thinking, but Eevee now has gender differences as of Let's Go, but it's evolved forms don't.
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    New Poster

    A four parter coming so soon after the time slot change does make me wonder if for whatever reason they decided to drop the more episodic format and timed the change to coincide with the new batch of episodes. ...yeah, wishful thinking. I know,