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    Black and White Beta

    I'm sure there will. The games aren't even done yet.
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    Last thing you ate/drank before posting in this thread

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    How Well-known Is the Person Above You.

    Heh, 8/10. Nice sig.
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    How Well-known Is the Person Above You.

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    Music What music are you currently listening to?

    Kings of Leon: Sexes on fire
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    Which Will YOU Get Vol.2- Black or White?

    Um...for the time being.....none...I don't like the way the new starters look seems to me as though Nintendo is running out of ideas, despite the fact we're now in the fifth Gen of Pokemon. Until I get a better outlook on these two games, then my decision stands as is.
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    So who wants Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to become an actual series?

    Completely for it.
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    Rate the Avatar Above You

    25/10. Nice.
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    Contest Meganium vs Sceptile

    In my opinion, Sceptile is faster and cooler, but what's wrong with Meganium? It's appearance has nothing to do with it's power. I've had good Meganiums before. I think a battle between the two would be pretty interesting.
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    How Well-known Is the Person Above You.

    4/10....although I'm new so....
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    Rate the Profile of the User Above

    10/10 ^^ Nice choice of color and design.
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    hello guys, Everyone cheer for dark pokemon!

    W-welcome and yeah, dark pokemon are cool.^^
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    Rate the Avatar Above You

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    Blazaking's Photoshop - Banners, Avatars etc

    Re: Blazaking's Photoshop - Graphics Unequaled U-Umm...I was wondering....if you could make me an avatar of Cubone....with a nice looking background.....and..have it say "Kaiyan" in it as well...i-if it's not too much to ask....please? Thank you.
  15. XIII

    Which generation had the best pokemon?

    I-I think the 1st Gen was the best...I respect classics and seem to like those pokemon more anyway...