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    Doitsu's Art

    *wipes the dust off my thread* Whoa, how long has it been?
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    Does anyone have a DW ability female eevee...

    NOt today, I'm currently away from home :c
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    Does anyone have a DW ability female eevee...

    Is it sad to say I'd really like a drought Vulpix.
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    Does anyone have a DW ability female eevee...

    I have one too
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    Hero's random Pokemon stuff.

    Hey guys, Hero here. I'd like to show off my small collection. Cards Games Manga
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    Kelleo's Pokestuff!

    I have that Dark Dragonite, it's 1st edition Holo. I got it at a Con.
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    A Heroic Entry

    Thanks everyone, much obliged!
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    Post your current Ctrl+V (v2)

    Re: Post your current Ctrl+V(v2) Kaguray on deviantART
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    Will you be my...

    Nah Will you be bagel?
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    A Heroic Entry

    I joined awhile back, was active for a little while, then vanished. I'm hoping that I can be active this time. A little bit about me. I'm Canadian I'm left handed I draw I make graphics I work part time My favorite TV show is Fringe I'm 18 I'm a little shy
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    Which hand do you write with?

    I'm a proud lefty, and I know three other friends just like me XDXD
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    The Artist's Alcove Chat Thread

    Thanks so much guys. It was worth the days of drawing all of them, and the last one got me screaming at my Deviantart...
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    The Artist's Alcove Chat Thread

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    Doitsu's Art

    New art work!
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    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    Hetalia World Series Ep 16, haven't gotten the change to finish it, so it's just paused on Chibi Romano yelling "Screw you, you jerk!" to a bird
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    Music What music are you currently listening to?

    Sorry for Party Rockin -LMFAO
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    Spring Samba

    Zack was given a Pokedex and some Pokeballs from the professor, and with the Totodile in his arms, he looked around the lab nervously, many kids have shown up and were slowly starting to disperse into various traveling groups. Zack let out a small sigh, he wanted to travel with people, yet on...
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    Guess what ^ is thinking of!

    Re: What is the one above thinking? Screw what they say, I'm the king of games