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    Language Help Forum

    I see that we have a Japanese Help Thread in the Land of The Rising Sun Forum. Plus, I know that we have members that speak a foreign language or are learning a foreign language. With all this, I feel that a Foreign Language forum will aid with the learning process and increase the diversity of...
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    Spoiler tags

    This might be a pretty base question that's probably already been asked, but how do you put spoiler tags in posts? It's been a nuisance not knowing how to.
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    Critique my Pokemon work

    I've been wondering how to make my Photoshop 7.0 skills better when editing pokemon that I drew. So if there is anyone out there that can give me tips (or constructive criticism) that would be helpful. here is my Tsutaja pic And here is my Reshiram pic Just for the side note, I kinda...
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    Interesting B/W Findings...

    I was browsing youtube doing "research" on B/W and I found this. It is a battle theme of some sort that they didn't specify. Whether this is fanmade or official, I don't know. This is interesting b/c the OST hasn't come out and the person on...
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    Reshiram and Zekrom Types Revealed!

    This morning when I checked, Reshiram and Zekrom's types were Dragon. It is unknown whether the 5th Gen legends have a secondary type. What are your opinions on this matter? My opinion.... I am VERY tired of seeing the same thing over and over and over again. Dragon-type...
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    Battle Factory HELP!

    OK ive gotten to Thorton a couple of times, but I KEEP FREAKIN' LOSING. Does anyone out there have any tips for this place devoid of fun?
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    Game corner sucks!!!

    If this thread exists, plz ignore this. Why does the game corner have to suck in the english version?! WHY?!?! There is no coin exchange or anything!! I think Game Freak should make a note to self; NEVER MAKE A FREAKIN RICH DUDE (named Mr. Game) RUN THE GAME CORNER!!!!!!!! What are ur...
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    Who is smarter?

    Well over the weeks, I have been looking at the Pokedex entries for Alakazam and Metagross. Alakazam's entry says that it remembers everything from birth and has an IQ of 5000. Metagross's entry says that it has four brains making it smarter than a supercomputer. So it is time for you all to...
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    Speculation of Hoenn Region being on HG/SS.

    Well, I looked at this and asked myself 2 questions. 1. Are they really going to add the Hoenn Region to HG/SS? and 2. Is this real or fake? Here's the link: Credit goes to giancarloparimango11 on youtube.
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    Hi I'm a new member seeking battles from many people. I have posted a thread today. Thanx.
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    Battle Request

    I'm a new member and if anyone wants to battle me my FC: is 485480815512. Meet me via wi-Fi between 10am and 2pm anyday from now until 7/6/2008 Thnx