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  1. chaos_Leader

    Help a Smogon-Singles newb build a team?

    Normally I play by VGC standards, and I've got a good team for that, but I've been interested in expanding my repertoire into other metagames. Obviously this comes with the first obstacle of different gameplay formats and different standards. I can't use my VGC team in a Smogon-approved match...
  2. chaos_Leader

    Nicknames: Cool, Interesting, Bizarre, or otherwise Noteworthy!

    If you're anything like me in the Pokémon games, chances are you've given one or more of your mons a nickname. Maybe there are some nicknames that you really liked, or that you've grown fond of using over time. me for instance, I've listed a few here that I like using: "Wizbang" for Delphox...
  3. chaos_Leader

    Rate This Team!

    I figure its time I came out and post my current team, and see what your thoughts are on it. I've spent some time over the recent months experimenting with teambuilding and battling on Showdown. Some mons have come and gone in that time, some moves were changed and swapped out, and the end...
  4. chaos_Leader

    Pokemon Theory: a Weekly Teambuilding Livestream

    Warm Greetings, Bulbagarden Battle Center! Some friends and I have begun to host a weekly livestream, in which we attempt to build competitive teams around unusual Pokemon choices. The stream covers in-depth theory-craft, going through the process of building the team, along with playtesting...
  5. chaos_Leader

    TEEN: A Sine of Things to Come: a Journey of Rediscovery
    Threadmarks: Ch 1: Given a Sine

    Table of Contents: Ch. 1: Given a Sine Ch. 2: Shocked and Awed Ch. 3: Overload Bearing Ch. 4: An Eclectic Charge Ch. 5: Alternating Current State of Affairs Ch. 6: Lightning in a Bottle Ch. 7: Shortcut Circuit Ch. 8: Step Up and Transform Ch. 9: Out of Phase Ch. 10: Dissonance vs. Harmony Ch...