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  1. Himura’s Umbreon

    GEN VI: WCC Pachirisu

    Hi, people, I am looking for this Dragon Tamer, if you guys have this little One, let me know and We can make a good trade
  2. Himura’s Umbreon

    GEN VI: Need Diancie code trade for Legends and 5 Ivs

    Hi, everybody, I need a Diancie code for a friend that can't get one in the stores. I have all legendary, some pokes from events, Ability Capsule and 5 IV pokes. So help me to give this gift to my friend.
  3. Himura’s Umbreon

    Bank Celebi for trade 2

    Well, I already have one Celebi, because of that I am offering this in return for events. I have a Ash Pikachu too.
  4. Himura’s Umbreon

    GEN VI: Shaymin, Latias and Shiny Rayquaza

    Hi, everybody! Finally the bank is out to everyone, so here my request: I need any event Shaymin, Latias and Shiny Rayquaza. Don't matter the Nature or IV to me. In return I can offer any IV breed pokémon, egg move pokémon and some legends and a Genesect. Legends: Genesect; Palkia...
  5. Himura’s Umbreon

    GEN VI: Looking for Shaymin and Keldeo

    Hi, everyone, I am looking for this two pokemons. I can trade any starter with 5 IV and egg moves, and anything from the Kalos Dex, except the Legendary Birds and Yveltal. I can also training and breed for you in return.
  6. Himura’s Umbreon

    Starter Distribution for Xmas Gift

    So xmas came and go, but don't think the present not arive in time! In comemoration of the Pokébank opening and the holidays I will offer 5 of each starter with at least one egg move and 3 IV. The distribution will start sunday. Let your FC below with your nickname in game. Choose wisely your...
  7. Himura’s Umbreon

    GEN VI: Need Amoonguss with hidden ability

    I don't need any specific nature, only with the hidden ability regenerator. I can breed almost everything from the dex and can give any item from Battle Maison.
  8. Himura’s Umbreon

    Looking for a Speed Boost Torchic

    If anyone have one let me know. i only want untrained pokemon. If this coulb be female better if not ok.
  9. Himura’s Umbreon

    Porygon, Mudkip with curse an Scraggy with Drain Punch give awayy

    I have this pokémons from breed to specifics trainers and some Porygon DW from Dream Radar, and i don't have the space on my Box to sustain all of them. The Porygon have their DW ability, the Mudkip have the egg move Curse and the Scraggy have the egg move Drain Punch and IV 31 in Attack. I...
  10. Himura’s Umbreon

    Pokemon Breeder Himura: Have all the Starters!!!

    Hello everybody, I open this shop in order to complete my dex. The Pokemon below are level 1 in case of normal Pokemon, level 5 for the legendary from Pokémon Dream Radar and untouched in the case of legendary. In addition to the Pokémon trading, I offer myself to perform egg moves, breed...