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    Review DP132: Full Battle! Shinji VS Satoshi!! -Part 2-

    Didn't Monferno's Blaze get activated near the end?
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion

    Ash looks so different in those screen captures.
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    Review DP132: Full Battle! Shinji VS Satoshi!! -Part 2-

    I feel somehow that Monferno's intense battle with Electabuzz gave an extra boost to evolve quickly. But then we don't know what the timeline is. At any rate, I would not call it a "rushed" evolution, since what took place here does answer some doubts.
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion

    I'll still withhold my judgment on how this is going. Whatever seems to be Dawn's feelings look like they are for the Pokemon and not for Ash.
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    Review DP132: Full Battle! Shinji VS Satoshi!! -Part 2-

    I will say a few things about this entire match, and one thing is that Ash wasn't exactly prepared to beat Paul. Just looking at Paul's Ursaring, it took three of Ash's Pokemon to knock it down. Just look at the lopsidedness of that. Otherwise it was ridiculously EV trained. It was literally...
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    Review S12 EP07: Saving the World from Ruins!

    I also didn't like how apprehensive Ash was to use Thunderbolt, when Pikachu was fully ready. But that aside, this two-parter was very good. Of course, this one beat the first one, just from the way it started, to Cyrus's "SSJ3-styled" dialogues. Good to see a villain and an evil organization...
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion

    I'd like to bring up what Geodude said two pages ago that caught my attention. The latest battle with Ash vs. Paul--everytime they showed Reggie and the others, we see Dawn tensed up, and even a hand near her chest--something I've seen before in other anime when one gets deeply concerned for...
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion

    Could you explain more on what you're trying to say?
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    Has Dawn been Forgotten About as DP has Progressed?

    I think this is a natural occurrence in the anime. It happens with all the secondary characters. I guess I've to live with the fact that everyone goes ordinary and don't stand out like always in their premiere episodes.
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    Review S12 EP03: Ancient Family Matters!

    DAN MOTHERFUCKIN' GREEN. That's all I have to say. His voice clouded my thoughts on this episode. How does he do it? Must be icing his voice right now. Sounded rugged and fierce, just like Byron should, so I'm glad. It's nice to see a gym leader's backstory now and then. I can't believe it's...
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    Caption the screenshots!

    Anything with Paul in that episode was hilarious. I could imagine what he was really feeling when Brock was dragged away by Croagunk, and sitting in the minivan.
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    pokeshipping pearlshipping or advanceshipping?

    Yep, these are just tremors in a shipping forum. And I'm so used to them now coming from another notorious fansite. Typical banter, one with no sense, abusing the other, etc., etc. I'm surprised there's a lot of leeway in this place.
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    pokeshipping pearlshipping or advanceshipping?

    Yeah, that's what makes them rabid, right? This is how I feel with every Ash-related ship.
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    Masuda considering adding action to series: Director mentions possibility in Game Inf

    Re: Masuda considering adding action to series: Director mentions possibility in Game Unless they borrow the Unreal engine or something, then Pokemon can look REALLY good than polygon-like.
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    DP 131&132- PaulVS Ash

    I feel like these are the episodes where Chimchar evolves. The timing is perfect. Paul is there, already befuddled by Ash's win against Brandon, then seeing his previously owned Pokemon evolve right in front of his eyes--everything is there for this to happen. I also think there will be no...
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    At what episode number do you think the Sinnoh league will begin?

    I don't see any reason to see Buizel evolve. It's fine as it is. Monferno, yes.
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    Who is gonna win Sinnoh Grand Festival?

    I can't see Dawn winning it. But she along with Nando, Kenny, Urara, and Zoey are up there. Not sure on Jessie.
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    Animated Pictures/GIFs Thread

    Looking at the election GIF made me laugh. How could I forget that one.
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    James [Team Rocket]

    I actually like James the way he is. I agree with the rest of you who believe James shouldn't be in TR. He can be likable.
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    Review DP127: Kissaki Gym! Ice Battle!!

    I liked it more with that weird "camera" angle at the beginning. Both Ash and Candice looked unusually taller than usual.