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    Sun and Moon Trainer Class Artwork Appreciation

    Trainer class artwork from TOKIYA and Kouki Saito–As much as we all love Sugimori's art, I love how these trainer classes have such dynamic designs. I'm guessing these were done for the TCG? Either way the poses are more dynamic and interesting than the official game artwork
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    Pokemon Sun and Moon on the Nintendo NX?

    So we know that another big Nintendo game, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is slated for a dual release on both the Wii U and the NX. There's also rumors that the NX will be a portable console (so I guess they're taking the Game Pad from the WiiU and running with it?). Do you think that Sun and Moon...
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    GO Pokemon GO @Comic Con

    From Pokebeach:
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    GO Pokemon Go to receive bi-weekly updates

    So those of you who have played, what would you like to see updated? I swear this game better release internationally before they "update" features
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    Gen I VC Pokemon Transfers

    So we have threads speculating on new Mega Evolutions and new Pokemon. I've even seen a thread on Gen I TMs, however, we don't have a thread discussing Gen I Pokemon being transferred in general. Its obvious Game Freak is changing their data structure to be consistent with Gen VII, but what...
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    Glitch Pokemon in Gen VII (in particular, Glitch Mew)

    So how do you think (the less volatile) Glitch Pokemon will be treated when you try to transfer them? Realistically, Bank should just not recognize them and reject them, however there is one very viable Glitch Pokemon--Mew. Technically, it is a real Pokemon, but the way it was obtained was...
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    Gen I VC Discussion Thread

    I thought it would be nice to have a thread to talk about our Gen I VC adventures in general. Yellow Version Pikachu Nidoran♀ Nidoran♂ Caterpie Lost to the rival twice, meaning he'll have Vaporeon. It only occurred to me just now how his Eeveelutions were chosen. Blue chooses Jolteon when you...
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    Detective Pikachu Discussion Thread

    Recent details from Serebii (as of Friday January 29th) Gameplay-wise, it seems to follow a genre similar to (parts of) Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, and Hotel Dusk (a story-driven point-and-click investigation game). I had hoped to get a game like this since Looker was first revealed in Gen...
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    GO Niantic Interview: New Insigts into Pokemon GO

    Source Highlights: Gyms are a thing People will be part of different "Teams" No information about a story Game designed so that you can enjoy the game equally regardless of whether you are in a small town or large city (search "asynchronous play" in the interview)
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    Back to the future: How will certain Gen I "features" translate into DLC?

    Up to now, most people have been talking about wireless functions and how the Pokemon could potentially transfer through PokeBank, but what we've neglected to talk about are some of the key "features" in these games that for one reason or another, probably won't make it to the DLC, but how would...
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    GO Pokemon GO's marketing strategy: Bringing back older fans?

    Compared to ORAS' trailer, which features a child as the predominant character, Go's cast is almost exclusively adults, except for one child--and even then, its the child's (I assume) parents who are playing Go. And here's the thing, they're not just adults. They are adults who look like...
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    Mega Evolution/Form Dex Entries?

    Currently, you can change the sprite that appears on your Pokedex to one of the Pokemon's alternate forms or Mega Evolutions. This sprite change is accompanied with the dex information regarding its height, weight, and type being updated, but the entry's flavor text remains unchanged. Who would...
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    Why did Deoxys come to Earth?

    When you play through the Delta Episode, one of the scientists mention that it seems like the Meteoroid is steering directly to Earth and laments at the impossibility of stopping something that seems to have a mind of its own. If you defeat Deoxys and then talk to Cozmo at the Space Centre, he...
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    Elephant in the room: Infinity Energy (and Keystones I guess)

    So are we not going to talk about how modern-day technology in ORAS is also powered by Infinity Energy? Mr. Stone confirms that the Devon parts were part of a motor that helped Submarine Explorer 1 run on the stuff, and we know that the Mosdeep rockets are fueled by it, with the Episode Delta...
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    Paranormal Activity ORAS Edition

    So I found this on Tumblr of the intro for Phoebe: For some reason the screen goes black while talking to her, and we see a ghost girl in Phoebe's chair. It also appears in the video for a brief moment at around the 50s mark. You see the girl again right before you battle Phoebe, standing...
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    Speculation Aqua/Magma's history with Jirachi

    So I've gotten to Team Aqua's base and wandered in (I assume) Shelly's room, and found a picture with the following text: I assume there is similar text in Omega Ruby in Tabitha's room.(apparently there isn't) "Arc--e" is obviously Archie, the black-haired girl is Shelley, and --rachi is...
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    Contest Spectacular! Research Thread

    Contests are back, but they seem to be taking a back-seat in terms of research. I thought I'd create a thread to share what I've discovered so far, and for people to share their discoveries. Making Pokéblocks 1) The ingredients As with the original games, Pokéblocks are made with berries of...
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    Pokémon Amiibo? Nintendo introduced their own line of NFC figures at E3 in the form of Amiibos. While the first games that are expected to take advantage of this are all Mario games, there may be a potential for Amiibo in Pokemon games as well. The most obvious would...
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    Aqua and Magma's goals and their redesign

    We can see from Aqua and Magma's redesign that Aqua takes a more brutish appearance, while Magma become scientists--why the sudden shift in design choice? I think its related to one of their original motivations for expanding the sea and land that many players had failed to recognize over the...
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    Looking for: Pinsirite Tyranitarite Manectite I can offer (along with held Starf, Lansat, or Enigma berries): Beldum Adamant | Clear Body 31/31/31/x/31/31 (3 in stock) Rotom Bold | Levitate 31/31/31/31/31/31 Modest | Levitate 31/x/31/31/31/31 Togepi ♂ Calm | Serene Grace Moves: Growl...