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    SwSh Need a couple mons to complete my dex

    Was too impatient to just wait for pokemon home to move up my old living dex and decided to just complete it again. I'm pretty close, only a couple of the shield exclusives remain. If someone could help me get the following that would be greatly appreciated. Vullaby Corsola Lunatone Solosis...
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    GEN VI: looking to complete living dex

    ok, so im looking for some pokemon, mainly legendaries, to finish off my living dex and my national pokedex in sapphire. there are also some non legendary pokemon i still need to breed, but if you could help me speed up that process it would be greatly appreciated. ive got some shinies that i...
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    GEN VI: love ball ralts

    so, i think that my next masuda project is going to be a shiny gardevoir, and i would like it in a love ball, but im currently in the middle of a playthrough of my heartgold and i am not far enough into it to go catch one myself. if anyone could help me with this i could give them a 6iv beldum...
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    6iv/5iv adamant beldums

    over the last week I've been attempting to masuda myself a shiny beldum, and have in the process gotten a lot of extras. i have: 8 6iv 31/31/31/31/31/31 adamant beldums, and a large amount of 5iv 31/31/31/x/31/31 adamant beldums. i am looking for other 6iv pokemon, preferably a trapinch or...
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    GEN VI: trading shiny for a glameow or pineco

    the glameow and pineco evolutionary lines are the only non-legendaries that I still need in order to complete the national pokedex, and I am therefore pretty desperate to get them. I am willing someone either a shiny remoraid, zigzagoon, or poliwhirl for just any old pineco or glameow. I also...