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  1. Birdyspot

    Hisashiburi, Bulbagarden: Nine years is a long time.

    Truthfully, I've been lurking here on-and-off for quite some time, but my last post was in June 2007. After taking a semi-hiatus from Pokémon when it made the leap to the 3DS (I say semi-hiatus because I still followed the Poké-news even when I wasn't playing the current-gen game), I recently...
  2. Birdyspot

    Music section project - And how to create an infobox template?

    Hey, Bulbapedists...Bulbapedians...whatever the name is for those of you awesome people who make Bulbapedia function for the benefit of all. :) I'm interested in contributing to your effort to provide a one-stop source for information on all things Pokemon--and in the English-language fandom...
  3. Birdyspot

    2,000,000 Pokemon D/P and 500,000 DS lites SOLD OUT in Japan within HOURS!

    HOLY. WOW. Insanity. They wouldn't even have to sell the thing internationally. ...But they will. :lol: Yeah, wassup now, Sony? :smokin:
  4. Birdyspot


    Hello Bulbagardeners! I'm not exactly new to BMGf or Bulbagarden in general, but to tell the truth, I've always been more of a forum-lurker than forum-participant. :look: I've been a Pokemon fan since 1999, mostly into the video games and the movies/anime/music. With the next generation of...