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  1. spacesoft2001

    Best Pokemon Movie(s)?

    In your eyes, what's the best movie(s)? Either due to it's plot, whatever ig? Personally I think Originals (espically 4ever and Heroes) were the best, mostly due to ageing, and I think the trailers are really cool EDIT: I didnt add the poll lmao
  2. spacesoft2001

    Weirdist experience at a medical place

    Anything weird that happened to you/you saw, etcetc at any type of medical center For me, that'd be back in August 2019 where I was on Morphine waiting for the surgeon to finish up on the people ahead of me, so I could go into ptosis (eye drooping) correction surgery. The weirdest thing though...
  3. spacesoft2001

    Hi, I'm Starry, and I'm new here.

    uhh, i dont know what to put here, aside from i first started playing in late-gen 3 with my cousins copy of Pokemon Sapphire on my ds lite. uhhh, my top 3 pokemon games are Platinum, Gold/Crystal and Sapphire (in no order, all of them are great) and that my hobbies include emulation, cooking...