• ME begins a second journey around Sinnoh. Watch here as he follows a famous Professor around.

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    Gotta Have Them All

    Ok, so I'm trying to get at least one form of each pokemon before the new game comes out, which is probably not going to happen, but after a lifetime of trying to catch them all I'm only like 60 away, which isn't bad if you ask me, unfortunately I can't afford White 2 and the new game when it...
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    Pokemon World War

    This question popped up in my head today whilst fighting team plasma. What would a real large scale war be like in the pokemon world. Like, would it be humans with guns alongside super powerful pokemon? Would each nation have a stockpile of pokemon that they invade with, no humans? Like... they...
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    Hey everyone, Just saying hello, long time pokemon fan but never tried getting into the community. Looking forward to getting involved here, and meeting some people.