• ME begins a second journey around Sinnoh. Watch here as he follows a famous Professor around.

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    Gym Leaders?

    As my storyline is set several years after the anime and the original game series I was wondering do you think the gym leaders should developed, past the stage of Forest (Instead of Brock) still having a geodude that can only basically use tackle. Or would it be more realistic/entertaining...
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    Evil plan

    I was just wondering does my story need an over arching team rocket storyline(I am planning on using team rocket sporadically). But i need to know, would it be better to just have a couple random encounters, or would there being some grand masterplan be better? I do have one idea for a larger...
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    A Level results?

    Just wondering who else here is getting their A Level results tomorrow... & simply a place to chat about how we think we did & a place for congratulations/comiserations after we have found out
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    The Fiery Beginnings

    This Fan Fiction is based around both Anime & Game mechanics, so I will be using writer’s prerogative when it is needed to keep the story interesting. I would like to point out my grammar will never be perfect, but I am running this through word, so it is as good as possible. As such if I’ve...
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    It Begins again...

    This adventure is a combination of both anime & game styles, but for the sake of continuity sake- Red, Blue, Ash & Gary never exsisted. The characters consist as- Robmysterio- Rob- Gym Challenge MilotecGirl- Aqua- Contest Co-ordinator Derier44- Tetra Allen- Gym challenge Samwin- Mia Ami-...
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    It begins again...

    Sorry for the shortness i wrote this out once & then it deleted itself. Now i don't have the patients to write it all out again. So please forgive me. Basic Story- Professor Oak decides to host a tournament in Pallet Town, for all new trainers who wish to take part. The three main characters...
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    Hey Guys

    Hey everyone Names Rob as you can probably guess Not quite sure what else to say in this whole introductory thing I joined for the chance to get back into being creative & rping If anyone has any tips or suggestions i'd happily recieve them before starting