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    GEN VI: Shiny Charm help

    I need help completing my Pokedex so I can get my shiny charm- if anyone could help me, I would be very grateful, even if you just trade some to me and I trade them back. I don't have much to give, but I do have some 5IV Mawiles, some 4IV Dream Ball female Dwebbles, an extra Mesprit, an extra...
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    Pokemon Transfer

    Hi! I need to trade my Pokemon from my Pokemon X game to my Pokemon AS game. If anyone could help, I would be incredibly grateful. I would do it myself, but I don't have Pokebank or a second DS. My FC is 5429-8364-3458. I'll need to trade about 50 Pokemon, and I'd be willing to trade you a...
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    Powersave change gender?

    I heard there was a way to change a Pokemon's gender with a Powersave. I was wondering if this was true, and if so, if someone could do it for me? Thanks so much!
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    Best wonder trades?

    Today I got a shiny Gardevoir from Wonder Trade, and I was wondering what the best wonder trades you've ever gotten have been. Some of the other one's I've gotten have been a Frogadier with Pokerus, and a few Dex fillers I needed.
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    GEN VI: Living Dex Help

    Hi! I recently decided, with the help of a friend, that I wanted a Living Pokedex so completing it in later games wasn't as much of a hassle. Below is a list of Pokemon/Pokemon family members that I need. If I need a pokemon from a family, I will ask for the most basic form of that pokemon(so if...
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    What are you asking for for your birthday?

    My birthday's coming up, and I just wanted to know what everyone else is asking for for their birthday, whether it's today or not until next year. My birthday is next month, and I'm asking for the new 3ds xl(black, hopefully), Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, and maybe Splatoon. My family is...
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    Gender Sprites Revamp

    I have a few ideas for the gender sprites. While a very good idea, it was very confusing to me as a new member. I have a few suggestions that may help lessen confusion for new members. Have a gender "key," where the different genders along with their sprites are shown Different sprites for...
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    Trading Shinies and Legendaries!

    I have some shinies and some legendaries that are up for trade. Below, you'll find a list of pokemon that are for trade and a list of pokemon that I want. :banana: FT: LF:
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    GEN VI: LF: 6/5IV Anticipation Eevees

    i need 6IV or 5IV Anticipation Eevees, preferably multiple. if you have non-north american ones that's even better, but it isn't a requirement. egg moves are also an added bonus, and i'd be willing to trade more valuable pokemon for it. please list pokemon that you're looking for, as i have...
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    hi im new

    hello there im tyler and i like pokemon, especially sylveon and chikorita and ampharos and misdreavus and yeah