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    Well, I've gotten a few Scatterbug through Wonder Trade, and have evolved them into Vivillion, patterns seen above. While I'm not interested, some people I know are, and so I have set up this here thread. I pretty much completed the 'dex already, so I don't really need any Pokemon, whatever's...
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    GEN VI: HA Froakie for HA Chespin

    It's pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. I'm also willing to negotiate HA Froakie for another Pokemon. I...have no idea what its IVs are, given that it's level 1, just that it's careful (Sp. Attack x0.9, Sp. Def x1.1) and has 121-150 IVs and a perfect Defense (thank you, stat judge)...
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    GEN VI: Wanted: Male Swablu/Altaria with Air Cutter and Charizardite Y

    I desire the Swablu/Altaria with Air Cutter so I can breed the move onto a Charmander. For this, just be within reason (like you can't ask for a Xerneas in return for a Swablu). And before you say "Erdrick, this is impossible, you can't get a Swablu with Air Cutter!" it's a move tutor move in...
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    Final Fantasy RP

    -Cornelia Castle, the night before- The king was sitting upon his throne. The person normally to his left, the Princess, was not there, having been kidnapped by Garland, the kingdom's best knight, weeks ago. The kingdom was already in the state of turmoil, having learned the power of the...
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    Final Fantasy RP

    Yes this is a restart of an old RP, but I liked it. There are four crystals that give power to the world. Each one of them holds power over one element: fire, water, wind, and earth. The crystals hold peace, limiting the amount of monsters that roam the land, and generally providing peace...
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    Pokemon Black Nuzlocke Comic

    I don't know where this goes...someone said here. So enjoy the first comic.
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    Looking for a Hitmonchan/Tyrouge (CLOSED)

    I'm looking for a Hitmonchan or Typrouge, or an Egg of the latter. If it's the actual Tyrouge, I would prefer if nature would let it become a Hitmonchan easily, but it isn't required. I'll offer any Pokemon obtainable in Pokemon Black Version in exchange, except for the following: Reshiram...
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    There exists a world, parallel to ours, that houses Duel Monsters, spirits that do battle. They also exist in the our world, where we do battle with them, using their card form. However, a threat has rose that may wipe out the Duel Monsters. In their world their exists a monster that is nearly...
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    Final Fantasy RP

    The world is on the verge of destruction...the four crystals, which power the crystal, are drained of their energy by fiends...on top of that, a guy's soul was stolen. Why is a mystery. Why not just kill the person? Anyway... Before, the world was facing a similar fate, with the four crystals...
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    Final Fantasy RP

    There are four crystals in this world, with control over elements. They are the Fire, Water, Air, and Earth Crystals. The power that came from the four crystals was so great, if it was disrupted, the world would drive on the road to oblivion. So, for millions of years, the crystals were...
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    Final Fantasy RP

    I was thinking of doing an RP based on the Final Fantasy universe(s), with a random number generator for a system similar to the AP for The 4 Heroes of Light (Stronger attacks require more points to use). Beyond that, I have nothing. Any suggestions?
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    EVERYONE: The Adventures of the Toad Brigade

    WARNING: While this is rated Everyone, there is some minor violence, which includes some from seemingly harmless creatures with mushrooms on their heads. And fire. ...Oh yeah, and this is a non-Pokemon fanfic. CHAPTER 1 Many months ago, Princess Peach, the princess of the mushroom kingdom, was...
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    Dragon Quest: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

    Check here for the plot. Clearly, I'm too lazy to post it. And sign-ups are still open (in case you cared). ----------- Outside the peaceful, small town of Angel Falls, slimes, blue, raindrop-like beings, are gathering. "Why are we attacking here again?" "Easy, more deaths equal a quicker...
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    Dragon Quest: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

    Five hundred years ago, Celestrians (heavenly angel beings) fought of a great evil. They sealed this great evil, unable of defeating it. They it would never be unleashed... Boy, they were wrong. A couple hundred years ago, a Celestrian was captured by the Gittish Empire. His feelings of hatred...
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    Pokemon Kingdom: The Musketeer Rebellion

    Life is peaceful in the Pokemon Kingdom. The king was a good ruler. This kingdom was so gentle that some legendary Pokemon visited it, and a few stayed for a while. This kingdom was usually peaceful... but, a fearsome kingdom of the Dark Matter (not from Kirby)(mostly) invades, and the kingdom...
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    Super Smash Bros: The Return of The Subspace Emissary

    I know a few RPGs have scenarios like this, but... Tabuu has been defeated. Peace has been returned to Trophy World. The Midair Stadium has been upgraded. Yet all is not as it seems... Tabuu is not dead. The Subspace entity has absorbed the power of Crazy Hand to transform him into Tabuu 2.0...
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    Pokemon Trainer Battle! Red, Blue, and Yellow

    Note: Please tell me if anything is wrong. Only if you didn't tell me before (not on this list) I know: -To have varity from the games -To ENTER for each character speaking like: "Blee" said Dude "Blah" whispered Toad -Use colorful words, not 'said' all the time (this just makes it better)...
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    Pokemon/Greek God crossover

    Plot: The gods are planning to strike down the world with Pokemon. The big three (Zeus, Hades, and Poeisidon) actually planned to stop it, but to no avail, only with the help of other gods, but not all of them. Thankfully, Pokemon Trainers (and Pokemon) have seen the war happening, and are...
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    Pokémon Ranger: Fall of Power: Zoroark and the Mysterious Tablet of Vaton

    The Tablet of Vaton (driven from 'vatonage') has been guarded by Zoroark for many generations, with the Tablet giving it an infinite lifespan. Guarded in the BlackWhite Temple, none have succeced in defeating the Zoroark. Until now. Team Koakimeru has managed to steal the tablet, endandering...
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    Pokémon Stadium RHGSS: Heart and Soul of Stadium Master

    STADIUM LEADER RED HAS BEEN DEFEATED! LOCATION UNKNOWN! This line appear acroos the TV. "Team Rocket, capturer of Red, says whoever wins the Stadium Challenge," the reporter annouces. "To win, Trainers must enter White City, in Johto, near Goldenrod. Trainers are suggested to bring there...