• ME begins a second journey around Sinnoh. Watch here as he follows a famous Professor around.

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    Life Thru A Lens Photography

    Right.Last year I got a new 14.something megapixel camera (Canon Rebel T1i) and I've been trying out whenever I can. I'm obviously getting used to it and I still only know what about four buttons do on it. If you want the full version, just PM me (don't know why anyone would but... you never...
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    Blossem And Chocobo Graphics

    Here, i and Chocolate Bones will post some of our banners/sigs and avatars. im not to sure about taking requests, but if you would like to use one, just ask and you can with credit would be nice too though. NOTE: the program i use does not allow you to save hence i CANNOT edit out words. i can...
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    umm... hi?

    hiya everyone. im blossem466. er... do i say anything else? ... i hope we become friends!!! P.s... my spelling and grammer is AWFULL...