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    Pakistani jet crashes killing all 127 on board

    Source While this is a tragedy, I am glad that no one on the ground was killed. I hope the families related to those who died are able to find solace.
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    Arizona law would censor the Internet

    Source Trolling is illegal! >:[ /s
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    At least four shot dead at Jewish school in Toulouse, France

    Source Things are still developing, so feel free to update below.
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    Chinese Builders Construct 30-Story Hotel — In 15 Days

    Source Youtube video I think this is really cool! It should be set to the Phineas and Ferb building construction music IMO. =P
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    India girl killed in ritual sacrifice to ensure better harvest

    Source What a bunch of freaks; I'm glad the police have caught them, this little girl did nothing at all to deserve being murdered.
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    No Santa? No way! News anchor sorry for dashing kids' dreams

    Source How dare this woman ruin my Christmas with her 'there's no-Santa' talk!? >:[
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    Robotic Skeleton Allows Paraplegic Woman to Walk

    Source The article has a picture of the skeleton, which is pretty awesome. Though the price is steep, with some automation to help build the machines, the cost can be brought down quickly within a decade.