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    That awkward moment when you forget this site existed...

    And then all of a sudden someone beats your high score in a game and it brings you back. I have not been here in a few years, so...hi!
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    Looking for a Legendary (Offering lots of stuff!)

    I am in dire need of a Groudon. At this point I dont care about any of its specifications, I just want a Groudon. I am offering Evo Stones, Trade Inducing Items, and many different Legendaries. If you have a Groudon let me know because I will be able to do almost everything (except get you a...
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    Porygon for All!

    Due to my recent endeavors in breeding for a shiny, I have many boxes full of Porygon of varying natures and abilitys (except for the dreamworld one). If you would enjoy one please dont hesitate to ask!
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    Hello everyone, I'm in need of a Groudon quite urgently. I would prefer, but it's not necessary, it being level 100 with decent stats for battles. I am offering a shiny Unafezant, not hacked, Legendaries, and others if you would like. It also needs to be a GEN V trade. Thanks!
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    PMD: Liberandum Academy

    "All aboard, to Liberandum Academy!" yelled the conductor from the side of the train. A couple hundred students who were waiting to get on the train then picked up their luggage and into the train. Each of their tickets had a certain box number in which they would be riding...
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    PMD: Liberandum Academy CLOSED~

    ​ You wake up in the morning to a loud *CLUNK*. The first thing you do is yawn, then rub your eyes, and then finally get out of bed and open the door. You walk outside your small hut and see a familiar Pelliper flying away with a bad full of mail around it's wing. You look in your mailbox...
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    Arcade Tournaments

    Question: Are their any plans to bring back arcade tournaments, because I used to love competing in them back in v3 but with the upgrade they were disabled for some reason. So I was wondering if they would or could be coming back?
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    Birthday Notifications

    Now this is more of a fun thing then a purposeful thing, but I think it would be cool none the less. Do you think we could make it or possibly get an addon where you get a notification if it is someone on your friends list's birthday? Mostly because I dont, and I bet a lot of people dont, check...
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    Pokemon Jokes!

    Have a variation of a joke that has to do with pokemon, have a joke only someone who has played pokemon would get? Lets hear it. Why did the Wailord cross the road?
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    Guide Sub-Forum

    I am aware that there is the Help Desk, but there could be a Sub-Forum for things that are relatively easy and more difficult. The Help Desk would still be used as it still is but I thought it might be easier for newer members if we had guides.
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    Mafia A Different Kind of Mafia (ADKOM)-GAME OVER! Neonsands and GengarEatBanana win

    ADKOM, A Different Kind of Mafia Welcome to ADKOM, Mafia addition. In such game people sign up as a pokemon. I will RNG one killer. Everyday the killer kills someone at night, leaving multiple clues through it's pokemon's attacks and abilities and ect.... Everyday the survivors will lynch...
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    Derier44's Art Shop and Animation Studio (CLOSED UNTIL COMP. IS FIXED)

    WELCOME, to the shop! The name is Derier44 and I have restarted my own shop. I get requests done fairly quick and have a wide range of things to offer. I offer banners, animated banners, avatars, animated avatars, animations in general, transparency, recolors of sprites and trainer sprites for...
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    Arcade Tournaments?

    I'm pretty sure before v4 regular accounts could start arcade tournaments but for some reason it now says my account isn't high enough status to do this. Was this a change in v4 or am I on crack?
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    Pokemen: A New Type of Battle

    Plot For a reason unknown, in the last 15-20 years people have been born with a combination of human and Pokemon DNA, giving them traits and abilities of Pokemon but still being unique people. Since this outbreak, the 5 leaders of all regions declared that these "hybrids" can participate in...
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    Took a Break, buy I'm Back

    Back in late January decided to take a couple month break to do some other things that concerned some stuff. ANYWAYS, I've decided to come back for the summer and fall and hopefully stay for the winter and early spring (I dont hibernate or anything.......). Though, I'm glad to be back seeing how...
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    Last One Left: An Arena RP

    "They have been taking us into the arena and forcing us to fight people we don't know, and sometimes our friends. Every year the numbers change, but the result is the same. Only one may survive, the rest die....." Plot Rules Sign-Up
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    Pokemon Special Forces *Sign-Up*

    Pokemon Special Forces (PSF) Plot Rules Sign-Up My Sign-Up
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    So, with Halloween around the corner I thought I would ask. I have heard about a thing that goes on here during Halloween, something with sockpuppeting etc..... So on what thread does this happen, how long does it last and when does it start, and what goes on?
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    Derier44's Birthday Bash!

    OOC: There is no power in my RL house so I have to keep it short. Just have your character arrive and you can mod Devon so that your character and Devon can do a little greeting. Devon got up from the head seat of the table and go ready to greet guests.
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    Derier44's Birthday RP Invitation Confirmation

    Well, if you go the invite then post a sign-up of your choice. Try and keep it to your signiture character and I'm limiting it to one character a person unless you ask me outside of the sign-up and I like the character. So be sure to make a good sign-up because I would hate to un-invite someone =P.