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  1. Nolder

    Code giveaway for Entei/Raikou 1st come 1st serve

    The code is: A8Z9XZEL2DQ3SYFD If you redeem it please claim it on thread so other people don't waste their time. Thanks.
  2. Nolder

    WTT Shinies

    I have 6 Shiny pokemon that I would like to (potentially) trade for other Shiny pokemon. If I trade I prefer the level of the Shiny I receive to be lower than the Shiny I am trading away. If you want to know more about an individual shiny (what ball it's in, nature, etc) just ask. 1) Fomantis...
  3. Nolder

    GEN VII: LF Paras/Parasect W/ Damp Ability

    Not sure what I can offer in return. I have all three Alola starters, all fossil pokemon, and most of the version exclusives. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll try to make it happen. Been trying to get this Paras for a couple days now and it's just not happening would appreciate...
  4. Nolder

    Deoxys: Life Forme

    with a new generation coming out what do people think of Deoxys gaining a new Forme, specifically for HP? personally I think it's unlikely but still possible if you look at Regigigas...there was no real need for it but it was kind of cool to bring the Regis together with a Master and such...
  5. Nolder

    First Impressions

    for those of us who picked up the game yesterday and have had about a day and a half to play it what are your initial thoughts on the game? personally I am not liking the music at all it's really....warped also the new grass is sort of weird haven't made up my mind whether I like it yet...
  6. Nolder

    The Professor

    Which tree do you think the new prof. will be named after? my guess is it'll be Cypress I'm expecting it to be a young hot chick along the lines of Cynthia (except less busty)
  7. Nolder

    Gotta Captcha'em all?

    neither of those are words... anyway i'm Nolder whats up guys? are there any areas on the forums of particular interest i should check out?