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    New Moves/Abilities

    Ability: Fully Charged The first time the Pokemon uses a charge/recharge move (Solar Beam, Sky Attack, Hyper Beam, etc.) in battle, it only takes one turn. Basically like if the Power Herb was an ability. Resets if the Pokemon s switched out and back in.
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    For UltraSun/UltraMoon, how do Zygarde's nature and IVs work exactly? You get Zygarde 50% from Resolution Cave, then take it to Dexio and he gives you Zygarde 10% which you then combine into Zygarde Complete. Whose nature/IVs does it get? Which Pokeball is it in?
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Can Xerneas and Yveltal be soft reset after they've been Ko'd, or are their nature/IVs set as soon as you first encounter them? In other words, is there any way to skip the initial cutscene where they awaken?
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Is Weather Ball affected by Technician if there is a weather condition? For example, let's say Technician Roserade uses Weather Ball during intense sunlight. Weather Ball's base power is 50, but it doubles to 100 in the sun. So will it increase from 50 to 75 with Technician, then double to 150...
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (XY Edition) Alright, thank you.
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (XY Edition) Does the Special Attack boost from Solar Power stay even if the affected Pokemon loses its ability? For example, if Solar Power Charizard (already under sunlight) transforms into Mega Charizard-Y, will its Special Attack revert back to normal...
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions Simple Answers (XY Edition) After soft resetting for a very long time, I finally got a Modest Xerneas with the following IVs: HP: 24 - 25 Att: 26 - 27 Def: 31 SA: 30 - 31 SD: 2 - 3 Spd: 30 - 31 I'm planning to do Geomancy + three attacks. What kind of EV spread should I...
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    Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thread- PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING

    Re: Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thead 3DS Code: 5026-4452-4663 3DS Name: The Fool Game: X
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gen 5) Okay, I wasn't really sure where to ask this but here it is: I have a somewhat controversial question pertaining to legit hacks. Specifically, I want to know if the baby of two hacked Pokemon is considered legitimate online. Let's say I catch two...
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gen 5) What does Wonder Skin do exactly? According to Bulbapedia: "Wonder Skin causes the chance of a status move used against the user working to be halved. It does not affect moves that inflict status as a secondary effect like Thunder's chance to...
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    Contest Primeape vs Machamp

    Re: primeape or machamp() Speed is always important, and Vital Spirit can be a nice ability, but Machamp is more useful overall. DynamicPunch destroys almost everything that doesn't resist it, and it cripples anything that does.
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    Worst Type

    Defensely: Ice, Grass Offensively: Steel, Poison Any type can be useful though.
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    Are you a rage-quiter?

    I battle on Shoddy, but I never quit matches when I'm losing, although it seems poeple do it to me all the time...
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    Simple Questions, Simple (Or Not) Answers

    The ability Scrappy (Kangaskhan and Miltank) also has the same effect.
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    The UGLIEST Pokemon sprites?

    I think its HGSS sprite looks awesome: But Axle is right. All the older ones look terrible...
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    Diagonal movement

    Diagonal movement works just fine in the Zelda series (the GBA games specifically). There's really nothing wrong with the idea, but I don't feel it's necessary. I don't think would enhance or detract from gameplay, but it would overcomplicate the game mechanics, as many of the games' features...
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    Favorite in-game music

    Re: Favorite songs from the games Rocket Hideout SS Anne (Personal Favorite) Cynthia's Theme
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    Rumored Pokémon and Prediction Thread

    Re: What new "kinds" of Pokemon do you predict? Grass/Fire Pumpkin (Jack O'Lantern). Bug/Dark evo for Pinsir. Electric/Flying evo for Pachirisu (Flying Squirrel). Also, I really like Frugrow's Four Horsemen idea (but unfortuneatly I doubt they would do something like that).
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    HM's TM's

    I'm gonna say... Flash Teleport Softboiled Whirlpool Sweet Scent Defog Just kidding :p I'd really prefer that we didn't have HMs at all. I dislike having one or two HM slaves on my team just so I can get through the game. I'd rather use a team of the Pokemon I want with the moves I...
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    The Generation V Speculation Thread

    One BIG thing I think they need to improve is the variety of other Trainers' Pokemon. I'm sick of fighting a Hiker with 3 Geodude and a Onix, or a Fisherman with 5 Magikarp. There are nearly 500 different Pokemon, and most NPCs just use 2 or 3 of the same Pokemon.