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    X/Y trading

    If you could catch me a Scyther (Route 21 in X&Y), I'd be happy to trade you a Torchic, 5IV. Let me know if you're interested.
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    GEN VI: Literally just a Larvitar

    Ah... don't have those specifically. Let me know when you're finished though, and I'll gift you any of the Pokémon I listed in my original post. I also have a few 5 IV Magikarp (31/31/31/x/31/31) with a good nature if you'd like that for your time. Thanks!
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    GEN VI: Literally just a Larvitar

    Hey everybody, I believe this is the correct location for a simple request of this nature - if it is not, moderators, feel free to relocate this thread to the proper place. As the title says, I need a Larvitar, which is a version exclusive to Pokémon Y. Preferably, it'd already know Dragon...
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    Stupidest nickname you ever gave to a Pokemon

    I named a Rattata "Cutman" when I was a kid. Beyond being one letter away from quite an inappropriate name, it's ridiculous - imagine being one of the lowliest Pokémon species and then having a name like that... "Cutman, cutman, cutman, that rat's up to somethin' " - Drake
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    Contest Hoenn's True Champion?

    Steven Stone. As others have mentioned, he exudes power and strength in a way that Wallace simply cannot.
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    Magikarp used Splash! IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!

    Typhlosion, use Eruption!
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    A More Realistic Pokémon World

    I concur that politics is culturally specific, so I imagine that there exist issues that are only pertinent in the Pokémon world. Utilizing the left-right paradigm with which I am most acquainted, the left is modern liberalism that advocates larger government oversight and advocates individual...
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    What are you hearing right now?

    The quiet whir of the air conditioning - it's been hot out, lately.
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    Who is the hottest gym leader?

    Although I've already given my two cents on the matter (Tie between Jasmine and Clair, then Sabrina, Flannery, Whitney), I wish there were a poll made this topic. I'd really love to see what the distribution would be on this question since there's such a diversity of opinions.
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    A More Realistic Pokémon World

    Large influential corporations like General Motors are headquartered in Detroit and were founded approximately a century ago when different economic conditions prevailed. The location, in my mind, is a vestige of the city's storied manufacturing past. If time could pass in the games, I could see...
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    A More Realistic Pokémon World

    I like these figures quite a bit. With regards to Johto, Olivine City would likely be one of the liberal strongholds in the region since I would imagine there would be an abundance of government jobs linked to the military or defense contractors (similar to Northern VA?). The regional capital...
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    A More Realistic Pokémon World

    If we were to have Johto occupy the same amount of area as Kansai, it would be the size of Massachusetts minus a single square mile! Using data from the 2010 census, the latter location has a population of 6.945 million whereas Kansai had a population of 22.76 million. These numbers seem like...
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    A More Realistic Pokémon World

    After disclosing where in the Pokémon world I would theoretically reside, I felt the need to open a thread to discuss something that has always captivated my imagination. Each Pokémon region, at least within the games, is dotted by a finite number of interesting communities. With so many routes...
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    This or That

    Wow, what a tough choice... Probably food, although I certainly can't imagine a life without beverages. Here now and forgotten or gone forever and remembered?
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    Which Pokémon region would you live in?

    Probably Johto, more specifically in the communities that hypothetically populate the Olivine-Goldenrod corridor. Proximity to the two cities provides access to other regional transportation like the S.S. Aqua and Magnet Train. Other nearby attractions would also include the Pokéathlon Dome and...
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    Does whether or not a person use drugs affect your opinion of them?

    Drug use is bad. Period. To clarify, this opinion extends to the drugs that are illegal to distribute and consume in the US. Other drugs like alcohol and caffeine, for example, can be bad but the effects are typically far smaller than those observed in heroin or cocaine abusers. This stance is...
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    United States Politics

    I share your pessimism with regards to politics although I contend we do face a very real choice in many regards. With debts mounting, labor force participation falling, and wages stagnating, we need someone who's going to right the course. I'd select most of the members in the Republican field...
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    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

    Tough call. For classical flavors with the widest availability, vanilla. If a variety is available for consumption, then I often find cookies and cream flavors to be absolutely delightful in conjunction with toppings like hot fudge.
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    Gay Marriage Legalized by Top U.S. Court in Landmark Ruling!

    As a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States of America, I am truly happy for those across our country who finally have access to same rights as everyone else. This declaration may come as a surprise since I tend to favor many positions on the political right, but I...