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    Dual-type Moves?

    If there has already been a thread about this, I apologize. A thought occured to me the other day. We all know that Pokemon can be dual-typed, but what would you think if they introduced dual-type moves? Think about STAB. Think about Super Effective / Not Very Effective. For example...
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    Favorite Pokemon Cry?

    Which Pokemon has the best cry from the games? Some of my favorites include: Nidoking Ninetales Zubat (just kidding) Cloyster Cubone Jynx (of course) Espeon Milotic Lumineon My top favorite would have to be Cubone's cry, though-- it's so sad... So what's your favorite Pokemon...
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    Wild Pokemon Evolutions

    I'm terribly sorry if this has been discussed before (I'm new here), but I had a question about Pokemon evolutions. I understand how level-based evolutions take place in the wild-- the Pokempn simply battles, hunts, defends itself, etc. until it evolves. Other forms of evolution make...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello, I'm new here (as I'm sure you already guessed). I'm 19 years old, and I've been a huge Pokemon fan since Red and Blue. I feel pretty silly being on these forums in my "old" age, so please reassure me that I'm not a total loser for liking Pokemon. Out of curiosity, what's the average age...