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  1. K

    If Dragon-Type is the best type statistically, what's the second best?

    According to Bulbapedia... That got me to wondering, have the types been sorted into tiers? Or a list of best to worst? I'd like to know what the next best type is. And then the one after that, and so on, and so forth. Or does it just say that because Dragon types are responsible for...
  2. K

    Has anyone compared the differences between the Black and White Pokémon movies?

    They were released together for a reason, to compare and contrast the differences, right? My memory isn't what it used to be, so I'm hoping someone whose memory is decent might have a list of differences. I know in Black, Damon went to a wintery place in the into, and in White, Damon went to...
  3. K

    *cue major character music*

    So, my name's KALJINYU, it's not spelled in caps, it's just customary for major players to have their names announced IN CAPS so that you know they're important. Anyway, glad to be here, a longtime user of "the Bulbapedia", like anyone who does anything with Pokémon is. Pokémon. I have...