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  1. J

    Paper Mario 3DS Discussion

    As many of you probably know it seems that Nintendo is going to make a Paper Mario game for the 3DS. It seems that it's going to follow the formula from the first and second games. So basically just discuss about the game. Credit goes to Super Mario Wiki for screenshots. Paper...
  2. J

    Dell Latitude C840 Help!

    Ok so I had my laptop in my backpack today, when I took it out and opened it I noticed that the right hinge had some sticky stuff. Thinking my juice box had leaked I checked but it was perfectly fine, plus the laptop was blocked off from my lunch by binders and there was no wet or sticky spots...
  3. J

    PM Virus Warnings

    I've been recieving these pms warning me about viruses on my computer, and telling me to click a link. Has anyone else been getting similar PMs? I've scanned my computer and the results come up fine. I haven't clicked the link as I went on to another forum, and have seen posts about similar...
  4. J

    Arceus Jewel Of Life~On YTV

    I don't think anyone has posted this, but for anyone here who lives in Canada, on YTV they will be airing Arceus and The Jewel of Life at 12pm. I'm not sure if they'll re-air it, so be sure not to miss it, though I will, I have work at that time. :bawling:
  5. J

    Hey Everyone!

    My name is Jirachi's Wish(You can call me Ray too). I'm a fan of the pokemon games and manga. My first pokemon game I played was Yellow, though Emerald was my first Pokemon game I owned. I'm also interested with animation, graphics design, video games, and more. I hope to enjoy being on these...