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  1. Faye Scarlet

    GEN VII: Looking for Type: Null, nicknamed.

    I've had no luck finding a Type Null on the GTS, so I'm turning to Bulbapedia because people here are reasonable. 8D; I really want a Type Null for my party, but was shocked to learn you earn one post-Championship, which won't do for me. So I'm hoping I can get one that is nicknamed. I do not...
  2. Faye Scarlet

    LF Nicknamed PKMN for a Living Pokedex!

    My Friend Code Name: White Code: 4642-5942-7011 The GTS is really trying my patience as of late, and it's hard to find good deals that aren't ridiculous, or demanding 9-and-under-Zek/Resh/Etc. OTL I've made good progress in my living Pokedex of Pokemon White, but I decided I could turn to...
  3. Faye Scarlet

    PokePark: Pikachu's Adventure

    I loved that game. @[email protected] We rented it, and in 4 nights I saved the park and made friends everywhere. YAY! It's easy, childish, and mildly cliche on the power of friendship, I know, but it is so adorable and cute and so feel-good at the same time! I wish you could play as someone other than...
  4. Faye Scarlet

    Stadium Mini-Games

    Mini-games is supposedly something that made Stadium superior to PBR. ._. Yet, hardly anyone talking about those oh-so-amazingly wonderful mini-games. So why not talk about them here? Memories of playing these games? Top scores, or best record? Improvements and changes you'd make to games...
  5. Faye Scarlet

    Contest: Scizor VS Darkrai

    An odd match-up, huh? But for me, these two are the coolest. Scizor, the coolest regular Pokemon ever, and Darkrai is the coolest legendary ever. So, so, I decided to see who people liked better out of these two! Try not to decide based on battle mechanics alone, people. I know Scizor would win...
  6. Faye Scarlet

    Your Favorite PBR Colosseum?

    EDIT: Now with a poll! No, not as in battle rules (though you can include it if you want). But your favorite Colosseum overall! Favorite for scenery? For music? While some people stubbornly refuse to admit what a great game Pokemon Battle Revolution is (even if it's admittedly lacking "great"...
  7. Faye Scarlet

    Some custom-ish VS Sprites. D:

    Customish VS sprites I made last night. I know they're god-awful, but still look a little bit good. 8D; So, if anyone is quite good at VS sprites, do let me know how I can improve! Anyways...these VS Sprites are based off of my versions of Pokemon heroes, as well as an OC Waiter named Chris...
  8. Faye Scarlet

    If trainers other than the player gave their Pokemon nicknames...

    Just something I was wondering about. That if important trainers, or at least some of them, nicknamed their Pokemon, what do you supposed they'd call them? I mean, you can judge the personality of another trainer by what they nickname their Pokemon. I don't know, just something I thought up.
  9. Faye Scarlet

    Platinum GTS Bug Thingy

    Not quite sure if this qualifies as a bug or a glitch or whatever, and wasn't sure where to put this... Let me be straight to the point. D: When I go onto the GTS in my Platinum game, I often find a Pokemon I'm searching for, who's asking for a Pokemon I can give them. Getting all happy about...
  10. Faye Scarlet


    Well...just to make that notice up there vanish...Hello! x3; Um, of course, I'm new to the forums... I don't usually stay on forums long, so we'll see how long I actually remain active here, hah hah.... Er...If the sig is too big, let me know and I can make it smaller. xD; I saved it as is...