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    COMPLETE: Icing on The Cake (One-Shot)

    This is a story I wrote taking inspiration from a song. Can you guess it? ;) John was just like any other single guy. He had a image of his soul mate but could never find ‘the one’. She would be a genius of more than fashion and as wise as Confucius, all in a body Venus would be proud of and...
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    Me do covers!

    Listen to my cover of Radiohead's Codex. Someone sing over this. I tried my best.
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    TEEN: Just a thing I came up with...

    It's not really that bad. I just thought this up. Comment please. And try to justify some parts please. Also, it's a fic. I swear it was an accident. It was 3 P.M. Kory and I were cleaning up the classroom as per the duty roster. It was only me and him. He was annoying me so much I put my arm...
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    COMPLETE: Kid A - Oneshot - Fiction (EVERYONE)

    I got bored during the afternoon so I did a oneshot while listening to Radiohead's (song,not album) Kid A. Okay, here goes nothing! (crosses fingers) The night in London was like any other place. There were a few cars that whizzed past, full of party-goers and ravers, but other than that, it...
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    Glitchy's Music!

    Formerly known as MusicNFics. I am now in the Media Menagarie. It's been awhile. I make music now. Music is cool. Download my new EP, Camden Shores now!
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    Guess ze song!

    A guy posts partial lyrics to a song and the others have to find out what song it is from. e.g: Guy 1: I used to roll the dice/feel the fear in my enemy's eyes Guy 2: Viva La Vida by Coldplay I'm gonna start it up "No one gonna take me now/the time has come to make things right"
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    Invent your own TV Trope(s)!

    I'll start. It can be a subtrope to a subtrope of a trope. MusicEventOfCrowningGlory Pop:Tegan And Sara Feel It In My Bones has a sort of indie feeling about it. The Con is inspiring, with it's beautiful vocals. Ready to do yours?
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    What's your writing music?

    For sad/depressing scenes Gorillaz- Clint Eastwood Sara Bariellies- Gravity For happy/relaxing scenes Gorillaz- 19/2000 Soulchild Remix Daft Punk- One More Time For battle (both Pokemon and non-Pokemon) My Chemical Romance- Na Na Na Art Vs Science- Parlez Vous Francais For research(like science...
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    Was was your funniest anime moment?

    Mine,non-Pokemon was in Soul Eater.
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    Impressionnant Music Academy (Sign-Ups/FAQs)

    You awesome recipient, You have been invited to the awesome Impressionnant Music Academy. We don't teach them Mozart or Beetsopen. They are so last century. We specialize in the best and most entertaining lessons in your entire life. You shall come out as an amazing stage performer. From...
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    What's your favourite humor website?

    Mine is damnyouautocorrect.com
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    My parodies.

    Here are some of my parodies. Hey,SoulSilver. (tune of hey Soul Sister by Train) (song about the manga) Your lipstick stains On Ruby's forehead And his nose I knew I wouldn't forget you So I let you blow her mind Your sweet movie Ruby in the big star Signal Beam, in every dream I...
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    Gold: The Life Of A DJ

    Inspired by Topaz's idea of a blog story, I'd thought to make my own. First Entry! Entry 1: The Introductions (1 December 2011) Hey there, Riters! It’s me Gold Hart, or as you may know me best, as DJ Hartbreak. Through this blog, I shall picture (no pun intended) my monthly life. Odd...
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    Good name please?

    Making a DJ blog story, his music style is Deadmau5 and David Guetta. Any ideas for a name for his new album?
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    Found any good AMVs?

    These AMVs are some good ones. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AqxVEpif44 - Feel Good Inc-Ouran High School.
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    What is the weirdest thing to happen to you today?

    I put my arm inside my shirt, and I accidentally turned the sleeve inside out.:party:
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    Who's your favourite Soul Eater character?

    For me, the good side would be Kid,Black Star, Maka, and Soul. The bad side, Stein and Medusa, hands down!