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  1. Ryoma Maser

    TEEN: Orre: The Desert.

    Orre: The Desert. Welcome to Orre: The Desert. As you can see this story takes place in the desert region of Orre, the setting of Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness. The story follows a young woman named Cecilia Matthews, seven years after Gale of Darkness as she travels across Orre as a...
  2. Ryoma Maser

    The Rowan University OOC Thread.

    @Taengoo @Warrior of Fire @ThreeThousandFish @Doctor Celebi @Kimono Dragon @BulbasaurFan4 This is the OOC Thread for "The Rowan University of Pokemon Studies." Here you can discuss anything about the RP, ask question or submit ideas for it. Sorry that this and the start up took so long to...
  3. Ryoma Maser

    Start Ups The Rowan University of Pokemon Studies.

    @Taengoo @Warrior of Fire @ThreeThousandFish @Doctor Celebi @Kimono Dragon @BulbasaurFan4 A warm late summer afternoon graced the coastal town of Sandgem as buses and cars arrive in a giant parking lot as people flood with bags and suitcases. Young adults arriving from the airport...
  4. Ryoma Maser

    Sign Ups The Rowan University of Pokemon Studies.

    On the coast town of Sandgem, there lies a school for the training of future Pokemon professors. Founded and named after Professor Rowan of the Sinnoh region. Students to sixteen to eighteen years of age are selected from all over the world to spend four years at the university after taking a...
  5. Ryoma Maser

    Sign Ups The Next Evolution(Non-Pokemon).

    Might as well take a shot at being a GM, welcome to my first Role-Play. The Next Evolution Humans and animals, the residents of planet Earth are no longer able to evolve further from what they are now. That’s what scientist thought, well until what is simply known as the The Incident...
  6. Ryoma Maser

    What do you think of Shelter by A-1 Pictures and Poter Robinson?

    Here's the original video if you haven't it seen it. View: https://youtu.be/fzQ6gRAEoy0 Summary-"Shelter tells the story of Rin, a 17-year-old girl who lives her life inside of a futuristic simulation completely by herself in infinite, beautiful loneliness. Each day, Rin awakens in virtual...
  7. Ryoma Maser

    What Mega Evolutions do you think should of gotten a different ability than they already have?

    If there is a thread for this already I am sorry, I didn't see any like this while I was looking through the Mega Evolution threads. If there isn't just look away from this statement. With mostly all of the Mega Evolution's, they effected the competitive scene and the main game. BUT there's...
  8. Ryoma Maser

    TEEN: The Legend of Zelda: Dual Paths at Rebirth

    Tale 1:Link One last favor, and Farwell. Link had just save Termina a land far from his home of Hyrule. While he try to save this land from Majora, a powerful deity trap in a mask who wanted to bring a fake moon down to destroy Termina. Link only had three days to save this land, so...
  9. Ryoma Maser

    Should Pokemon Colosseum/Xd Gale of Darkness should have a 3rd game or a remake.

    Now Colosseum and Xd are some great Pokemon games for spin offs and I would love to see a 3rd game and possibly a remake of these games. But what do you think 3rd game or a remake? Plus Miror B as some of the awesomest music in XD.
  10. Ryoma Maser

    Who you will think who will travel with in the X and Y anime?

    Now the X and Y anime is not to far away so here's something that will start a war. We know now that Ash is alone in the X and Y so everyone is thinking who will travel with Ash well that's what this thread is for so if you have some ideas post them here. Here are mine Alexa-As we know...
  11. Ryoma Maser

    Should we have a Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remake or Emerald remake?

    When I was watching the Pokemon Direct in January I thought is it gonna be a Ruby and Sapphire remake for the 3DS but we got X and Y which is still awesome. But everyone wants a Ruby and Sapphire remake plus there a ton easter eggs out thought 4th gen and 5th gen . Or possibly we have a Emerald...
  12. Ryoma Maser

    Should Jessie,James and Meowth be taking out of the Anime?

    This thread is for people who think Jessie,James,and Meowth should be taking off the anime.My opinion they should be takin off and replace with new Team Rocket Members like the admins who run Team Rocket in Gen 2. Now whats your opinion should Jessie,James,and Meowth be takin off or should be...
  13. Ryoma Maser

    Hopes and Thoughts for X and Y and Thoughts on Pokemon Games after X and Y

    On this thread you can say what you want in X and Y and what Thoughts you have on it and you can say what Pokemon games after Pokemon X and Y.
  14. Ryoma Maser

    Hopes and Thoughts on X and Y and thoughts for Pokemon Games after X and Y

    This thread is for peoples hopes and thoughts for X and Y and thoughts on Pokemon games after X and Y i can't wait to see what everyone wants.:
  15. Ryoma Maser

    I'm New

    Hello everyone I'm FireBlader15 the Burning Blade or FB15 or FB for short I hope everyone can except me and I like to thank the Bulbagarden staff for welcoming for me. FireBlader15