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  1. Felly

    Lights in the Sky

    Art for one of the locations in an upcoming story I'll be working on called Without the Sight. This location is the Underground Caverns, the home to everyone featured in the story. That's fine! I wasn't sure what the ruling was on larger images in galleries, tbh. I figured as long as it was...
  2. Felly

    WORLDBUILDING: Without the Sight

    MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS A Psychic type has no sight, and is therefore treated as a failure. Eventually, the Psychic type gains the sight. The sight is based off of the Sightstone from League of Legends, which provides vision in areas of darkness, and it also takes a Harry Potter twist in that...
  3. Felly

    EVERYONE: Little Electric Bug

    Author’s Note: Just a little drabble about a Joltik looking to bring some light back into the dark skies of Hoenn. I know Joltik isn’t a native Hoenn Pokemon, but it fit in with the dark skies over the region since that’s a thing that would happen there with the legendary beasts if they were to...
  4. Felly

    The NEW "Check your Signature" thread

    Just did a quick update on my signature, so I'm making sure it's good to go!
  5. Felly

    EVERYONE: The Missing Puzzle Piece

    Author’s Note: Tried to add a little more dialogue into this one, so hopefully it worked out in my favor. But otherwise, here’s another little one shot I figured I’d get done and posted up here now that I’m finally feeling the desire to write again! As the sun rose over the hills surrounding...
  6. Felly

    Lights in the Sky

    Also did this one today too.
  7. Felly

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    Got a blog post done today. Didn't word count check it this time (didn't think about doing that), so I have no idea what my word count is on that. I also wrote out 787 words on my next one shot, and I'm reaching the end of that, so hopefully it'll be up on the forums soon. Also did some RP stuff...
  8. Felly

    Lights in the Sky

    Made a couple of avatars, so I'm getting those up here!! A little change of pace from traditional art.
  9. Felly

    Pokémon GO Adventure Log & Stories Thread!

    Johto event went well for me. I was able to get my hands on some Swinub, which furthered my progress towards gen 4 evolutions when that comes out. I hatched another Alolan Sandshrew from an Alolan egg, and I've got another Alolan egg and a 5km egg almost ready to hatch; I'll probably get both of...
  10. Felly

    Tech Help thread

    So I updated Windows 10 the other night when I shut down my laptop, and when I finally turned it back on today, the update had, of course, applied itself. However, it also removed my ability to access my desktop without having to go through File Explorer, and my Start menu comes up as a full...
  11. Felly

    Pokémon GO Adventure Log & Stories Thread!

    Whew. Weekend adventure was fun. Still no Ditto, but I did get my hands on a Torchic (to go towards my eventual Blaziken) and another Wingull (to go towards my eventual Pelipper). I hatched my first Alolan Vulpix over the weekend too! Beyond that, I've been able to get to part 2 of Celebi...
  12. Felly

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    781 words today on a one shot!! Might be able to finish it Thursday, to be honest, but we'll see what happens.
  13. Felly

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    Put in 535 words into my newest project that I got started on today, plus another 462 words for a blog entry on my Dungeons & Dragons experience. Total of 997 words for today. Not quite 1000, but hey, writing progress is progress indeed!
  14. Felly

    Lights in the Sky

    Did a quick sketch of a zebra on Saturday since I had some spare time before heading out for the day. Animals aren't my forte, but hey, at least I did some art and I'm getting that practice in. Found a random prompt generator online and decided to make use of it, and it gave me zebra riding a...
  15. Felly

    Eggs in GO!

    Hatched an Alolan Vulpix from a 7km egg on Saturday, and that was nice. It'll be an Alolan Ninetales next time I go to evolve stuff. I only need Alolan Grimer to have all of the Alolan Pokemon from eggs. (Still gonna need Alolan Raichu and Marowak to have them all, but those are in raids, not...
  16. Felly

    TEEN: System Error

    Thank you both for your comments! They're much appreciated! Gonna comment on a few things below that y'all have mentioned. I think the length is in part to me not really wanting to write it too much. I'd lost drive for it, but I have all these stories in my notebook that I want to write (all...
  17. Felly

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    Thank you! That's the goal, tbh. Just gotta find the time to do it! xD
  18. Felly

    DISCUSSION: First Person VS Third Person

    I'm very used to writing third person, tbh. I think lucarioknight56 hit the nail on the head with the pros and cons of third person and first person, so I won't regurgitate them for y'all (especially since the post is right above this one). In terms of my own personal opinion though, I prefer...
  19. Felly

    Last thing you ate/drank before posting in this thread Vol. 2

    A cheese quesadilla, but this time with apple juice.
  20. Felly

    Your newest purchase

    Drinks and a few yogurts (which were not worth the $4 I paid for the 3 of them, but oh well, figured I'd try them anyways) from Harris Teeter.