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  1. Felly

    WORLDBUILDING: Without the Sight

    MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS A Psychic type has no sight, and is therefore treated as a failure. Eventually, the Psychic type gains the sight. The sight is based off of the Sightstone from League of Legends, which provides vision in areas of darkness, and it also takes a Harry Potter twist in that...
  2. Felly

    EVERYONE: Little Electric Bug

    Author’s Note: Just a little drabble about a Joltik looking to bring some light back into the dark skies of Hoenn. I know Joltik isn’t a native Hoenn Pokemon, but it fit in with the dark skies over the region since that’s a thing that would happen there with the legendary beasts if they were to...
  3. Felly

    EVERYONE: The Missing Puzzle Piece

    Author’s Note: Tried to add a little more dialogue into this one, so hopefully it worked out in my favor. But otherwise, here’s another little one shot I figured I’d get done and posted up here now that I’m finally feeling the desire to write again! As the sun rose over the hills surrounding...
  4. Felly

    TEEN: System Error

    Author's Note: Not used to the rating system here, so went with Teen to be on the safe side. Gonna need to do some light reading into that sometime. This was originally meant to be a lot longer, but honestly, I've been feeling so demotivated when it comes to writing that I figured this would...
  5. Felly

    Lights in the Sky

    Figured I'd make an art gallery here too!! I'll try to keep this updated as often as possible, but no promises. If you'd like to request something, the Starlight Market is open for requests. I won't be posting requests from there to here, but this is just for anything that doesn't get posted...
  6. Felly

    Starlight Market [CLOSED]

    starlight market introduction Hello! My name is Felly, and I have been making graphics for about 10 years now. (Probably a little longer, but there’s been some periods where I’ve stopped for a little while, so we’ll just round it off to 10 years and call it a day.) I use Photoshop CS6 for my...
  7. Felly

    Felly's Fantastical Shop

    Though I can't really guarantee how fantastical it'll be since I have to compete with all of the other shops around these parts. It's been awhile since I've had a shop on here, but I don't use Photoshop CS6 as much as I'd like to. In order to remedy that problem, I've decided to make a shop here...
  8. Felly

    Help with Bulbapedia

    I didn't really know who to contact about this or where else to post about it, so I apologize now if this is in the wrong section. :3 A user named Myufi came onto the IRC to get help on with the Bulbapedia. The random article button swaps between two articles, specifically this one & this...
  9. Felly


    Mkay, so it's been awhile. Like a year or something since I was last here. So I figured I should make an introduction thread. I doubt anyone here really remembers me from when I was last here. I probably know like 3 people from the URPG branch here since I just joined it recently on TPW, & blah...
  10. Felly

    Felly's Trainer Card Zone

    [cool header coming soon] Hey everyone. This is my shop specifically for trainer cards. That's all I'm offering. (I do make other things as well, but you can't request those here, but you're more than welcome to contact me privately or ask in this thread, but I only do non-trainer cards on...
  11. Felly

    mIRC Scripting

    I assume this would be the right place for this, so I'll just stick it here. If it's not, then just move it to the proper place. Anyways, when I upgraded to mIRC 7, I lost my nice little alias scripts so that I wouldn't have to type in my Brawl/MKWii/whatever friend code every time someone...
  12. Felly

    Felly's Galleria of Junk

    This is just a gallery of my non-shop related work. (: Comments are much love. I got bored one day and decided I'd play around with GIMP. I wanted to try something new here, and thus, this was born. It's nothing much really, just me playing around on GIMP. This is just something...
  13. Felly

    Felly's Emporium of Graphics and Sprites

    Hello! If you are looking at this thread, then you're looking at the shop belonging to Felly. Just as a quick background, Felly uses Photoshop CS3 for any and all graphical works and Microsoft Paint for any and all sprite works. She has been making graphics for quite awhile now, and although she...
  14. Felly

    I'm sick of it all.

    Before I begin my rant, I'd like to promptly apologize if this is in the incorrect section. If it needs to be moved, the new staff is more than welcome to do so. ..Oh, wait, did I say new staff? But how would I know about the new staff? I've been gone since April. Well, that's just a big fat...
  15. Felly

    Felly's Galleria of Art

    So I thought that I should just post a gallery of my arts. Since there's a minimum of 6 images per post (or so I think), they'll probably be split up into multiple posts. But anyways, this'll include a bit of everything from splices to signatures to trainer cards to whatever else I feel should...
  16. Felly

    A Grand Contest!

    Sponsored by DDAS! Alright, so here's the deal. It's 12:24am EST and I'm bored. I don't have school today and I need something to do with my life. Not to mention I think this is the first contest of 2010? (Correct me if I'm wrong.) So I'm making a spriting contest for the members of BMGf...
  17. Felly

    GIMP Beginners Tutorial

    Wanna learn how to use GIMP? Well, this is the tutorial for you. Ignore the part about Team Blaze; this was originally made for them so they'd leave me alone with their obsessive questions. :< (BECAUSE THEY HAD VERY OBSESSIVE QUESTIONS.) If this isn't in the right place or doesn't belong, feel...
  18. Felly

    COMPLETE: My Sanctuary of Love [[One-Shot!]]

    So this is a Harry Potter one shot song fic. :) Finished just in time for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Midnight Release. Exact time was 7/14/09 at 9:50pm EST. :) You're welcome and please enjoy. <3 Oh. And by the way, this is throughout the end of Order of the Phoenix, all of...
  19. Felly

    New Heatran Form? FAKE!

    http://pocketmonsters.net/imageboard.php?action=viewthread&threadid=897 I got this scan from a friend today. New Heatran form(s) anyone? Scan says there might be one.
  20. Felly

    Setting Sun

    Started a new Pokémon themed story. =] I blame Pokémon Platinum for this. :P Anyways, please enjoy. All comments and such will be appreciated. Prolouge His name was Looker. That wasn't his biological name, but if he told anyone the truth, he would be fired. That's right. Fired. Fired from...