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    Want Gothita and Vullaby

    Hello, I'm looking for a gothita and vullaby for my white 2 so I have a chance to get that shiny haxorus before wi-fi shuts down! I can offer white exclusives, or items, just ask and I'll see if I have it!
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    Offering Rufflet for Vullaby

    Hello. I have no way to get a Vullaby in White version, so will trade somebody a Rufflet (Or maybe some other pokemon or item you have in mind) for one. Thanks for reading!
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    Power items wanted!

    I am looking for the EV training power items, and I already have the ones for HP and defence. In return, I can offer bold yamasks, spikes/leech seed ferrothorns, or valuable items like nuggets or star pieces. Thanks for your time!
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    How often is reposting in the trade centre allowed?

    How often may I repost a thread in the trade centre? For example, I make an offering thread, but nobody posts in it. When would I be allowed to make a new thread offering the same things? (this also applies to a wanted list)
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    Re-naming a Link?

    How do you rename a link? What I mean is, instead of saying the website, it says your little comment instead that you can click to go to the link. Anybody?
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    Team Photos?

    I thoght that the 'team photographer' feature sounded rather cool, so i decided to try it out. So, I looked up all of the appropriate locations for today on bulbapedia, and searched for the cameraman. I must have talked to EVERY SINGLE npc in each area, and couldn't find him anywhere! Does...