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  1. J

    What'll happen after Episode N, and before X and Y?

    What I'm asking, is, what do you think will happen after Reshiram VS N! Beyond Truth and Ideals! and before the release of Pokémon X and Y? There's still about 35 episodes left in Best Wishes before we say Best Wishes to it.
  2. J

    Most stupidest theory of getting an unavaiable character in a game (Luigi in SM64)?

    What title says. Again, like, say those theories of getting Luigi in SM64, Waluigi in SM64DS, playing SMG on your DS, etc, etc. Mine is the one for playing SMG on your DS.
  3. J

    In search of Chikorita and Piplup

    So, if you couldn't tell by the title, I want a Chikorita and a Piplup. Just askin'. To complete my Pokédex.
  4. J

    Think of the worst pun ever and use it in a sentence about what the user said above.

    Something like this: Person A: The book I red was bad. Fanfiction Person B: I reed many fanfiction. Mario So on, and so forth. Rule 1: Do not use the same pun as the above user. Have fun, let me start you off. Reddit
  5. J

    What names do you prefer? The English names, or the Japanese translated names?

    What names do you prefer? The Japanese translated names, or the english names? Like, say, Satoshi VS Ash, Isshu VS Unova. I prefer some english (Hoenn), and I prefer some Japanese (Isshu).
  6. J

    Easiest Legendary Captures?

    Legendaries were very hard to catch, especially after Gen II. Sometimes, however, we got lucky and caught them in the first few balls. What would be your easiest (shortest amount of time) capture of a Legendary Pokémon? One I could mention is the capture of Ho-oh in HeartGold after 5 Dusk...
  7. J

    Worst Disney Channel Show

    Following the other two threads made by Robo-Floatzel, what do you think is the worst show on Disney Channel? Live-action and animation is okay. For me, it would maybe Shake It Up (Wow. I hate this show.), Austin and Ally (I hate the characters), and Fish Hooks (TOO STEROTYPICAL).
  8. J

    Reasons for EarthBound not being seen on Virtual Console revealed.

    Link. Discuss about this predicament. Reason 2 is the reason why Nintendo irks me at times...
  9. J

    Pokémon Yellow Unused Music - Its purpose?

    Back when Pocket Monsters Pikachu Edition was released in Japan, and in 1999 in the US as Pokémon Special Pikachu Edition, it proved to be a success, but less than Red, Blue, and Green. However, people discovered this dummied out music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbQUwiLJZ5o It was to be...
  10. J

    Rate my online team and list improvements.

    This is my online team. HAXOURUS Lv. 75 Impish nature. Met 3/12/2011 at Level 31. HP: 221/221 Attack: 258 Defense: 185 Sp. Atk: 98 Sp. Def: 122 Speed: 184 Ability: Mold Breaker STRENGTH OUTRAGE DRAGON CLAW GIGA IMPACT EMBOAR Lv. 94 Quiet nature. Met 3/6/2011 at...
  11. J

    Darumaka giveaway! All must go! Also special Deino giveaway!

    I tried doing the Masuda Method and ended up with 49 regular Darumakas. So, I decided to do a giveaway! One person per Darumaka! So, there is: [X][ ][ ]3 HASTY (3, 0) [ ][ ][ ]3 SASSY (2, 1) [ ][ ]2 LONELY (2, 0) [X][ ][ ][ ]4 BASHFUL (3, 1) [ ][ ]2 GENTLE (1, 1) [ ]1 RASH (1, 0)...
  12. J

    Favorite game console?

    Yep. Exactly what it says on the tin. My favorite is the Nintendo 3DS. Nice gimmick, very good games like SM3DLAND, and powerful, almost as powerful as the Wii. Your favorite?
  13. J

    What's your favorite Sonic game?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. What's your favorite Sonic game, from the first, to the latest. Mine is Sonic Generations. It's quite fun. EDIT: I forgot multiple choice. :( I might repost if possible as a v2. Just pretend and vote one.
  14. J

    Out of all the music in the games, which one is your favorite?

    By this, I mean city, route, cavern, whatever. From Red and Green to Black and White 2. What is your favorite of every gen (By what Pokémon)? GEN I Route 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. Yet common, this music is terrific and pleasant. In that 8-bit glory, it's wonderful...
  15. J

    Count to 100 until I post.

    Until I (johnr754-Bacon) post, you must count to 100, then reset. Oh, and you must find a way to mention a video game, TV show, or a movie, while counting. Example: The Avengers is one good movie. Example 2: There are two unlocalized MOTHER games. Example 3: There are three Kid Icarus games...
  16. J

    What was your favorite video game - related TV show?

    What's your favorite of all of them? Mine is the SMBSS. It was pretty interesting, and seeing it on Netflix is great.
  17. J

    What gaming company do you like better: Rare or Retro Studios?

    Rare The company known for games like Donkey Kong Country, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Goldeneye 007. Was sold to Microsoft in 2002 leaving many games like Banjo-Threeie and Donkey Kong Racing unfinished. Also known for Viva Pinata and Kinect Sports on XBOX 360 and Kinect. Retro Studios...
  18. J

    Is there any gaming stuff you would have liked to see outside of someplace else?

    Like: Famicom Disk System Satellaview Virtual Boy (Europe did not get this, sadly.) PlayStation thing (The thing that saves your data on it and has a screen, like the Dreamcast.) N64DD (Commercial failure, sadly. Good thing MA's Sound Bomber became rebranded as WarioWare.) More, too...
  19. J

    On Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, CN, The Hub, and its side channels, what is your...

    On Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, CN, The Hub, and its side channels, what is your most favorite and least favorite show on each - or just one - channel? Most favorite on DC - Phineas and Ferb. Toilet humor? No need. References help the show be awesome. Least favorite on DC - Shake it Up...
  20. J

    Funniest quotes from the Pokémon Games, Anime, Manga, and more?

    What do you think is the funniest things said in the games (RG to PokéPark 2), anime (OS to BW), manga, and more (the other mangas) Bye-bye a go-go! - Rocket Grunt - GSCHGSS I don't have any more quotes. Sorry.