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    GEN VI: [LF] Swirlix and Houndour

    Hey everyone, Currently working on my Pokemon Y Kalos Poke Dex and the only Pokemon I don't have access to are Swirlix and Houndour. If someone could trade me one of each that would be greatly appreciated. Go ahead and shoot me a PM if you are able to. Thank you.
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    The Bulbagarden Battle Center ORAS OU Tournament

    Pokemon ORAS OU Tournament BBC ORAS OU Tournament - Challonge With a new game comes a new Meta to play around with. With the next season of the BBL right around the corner, why not kill some time and get to know the new Meta. 20 new Mega Evolutions means lots of new Pokemon to try out as well...
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    GEN VI: HA Shuppet

    Looking for an HA Shuppet. I have a lot of other HA Pokemon so just ask and I may have it. Big ones are the HA Starters.
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    Pro's and Con's of Pokemon Showdown (Read OP before commenting)

    For quite some time on the internet there has been a Pokemon Simulator to conduct Pokemon battles on. The first big one was Shoddy Battle. An early Gen 4 sim when online Pokemon battling became a thing. Next was Pokemon Online. Biggest of the 3 big ones so far. Introduced mid Gen 4 and lived on...
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    GEN VI: ISO HA Tangela and HA Slowpoke

    As the title says I'm in need of a Regeneration Slowpoke and a Regeneration Tangela. I'm able to offer every released HA starter with 5 IVs and a good nature. Just PM me if you are able to get both and what you'd like in return.
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    Friend Requests

    Is there a setting where you can turn off people asking for Friend Requests?
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    Big. Summer. Tourney.

    Summer. The time of freedom. The time of having a large chance to play Pokemon all day. Why not have a big tournament that may take all summer? That’s where the Big. Summer. Tourney. comes in. Starting May 31, a tournament unlike any other will begin. 4 Rounds, all leading up to a final...
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    What will Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire bring to the competitive aspect?

    Every time we get a new entry in the series, the competitive aspect changes dramatically. With 6th Gen being as different from Gen 4 and Gen 5 competitively in the same sense that a Banana is different from an Apple, what major competitive changes do you expect from OR/AS? For me the clear...
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    OR/AS Bold Predictions

    What are your bold predictions for the remakes? What do you expect to happen in this game? Try to stay away from the obvious ones like "Aqua will want a world of water." For me it would be that the Safari Zone will be where the Friend Safari is in Hoenn and it won't be accessible without the...
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    TerraTF's Breeding Service

    What's up everyone. Welcome to my Breeding Service. I'll be taking orders for breeding certain Pokemon. I'll have a constantly ongoing list of Pokemon that I'll be able to breed. As I receive Pokemon from breeding projects, I'll be adding more Pokemon to the list of Pokemon I can Breed. I'll...
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    Favorite Choice Users

    There are 3 Choice Items in the game today, with two being used on almost every team, being Scarf and Band. So what is your favorite Pokemon to use for each Choice Item? For me it would be Scizor for Band and Rotom-W for Scarf. Banded Scizor is easily the hardest hitting Pokemon in OU, while...
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    Hardest Pokemon to Build Around

    We all have our fair share of battling and team building experience. So what is the hardest Pokemon for you to teambuild around. What Pokemon do you have trouble using no matter how good of a set it has. For me it has to be Heliolisk. Great abilities, great movepool, terrible to use. My main...
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    Rate My Team - Volt-Turn

    Yes. Finally the great TerraTF, Master of the Universe, finally does an RMT on BMGf. I'm not quite sure if I've done one here in the past, but otherwise its been about 2+ years since I've done one. Alright so basics of the team. It was really the first team I've seriously built since I've...
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    GEN VI: HA Drillbur

    Hey all, I'm searching for an HA Drillbur. IVs and Natures don't matter as I'll get that together myself. What I can offer is an Adamant 31/31/31/31/x/31 HA Dratini. Feel free to post here or VM me if you have an HA Drillbur.
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    Diancie. The very first Event Legend we'll be getting this generation. Now event Legendaries in the past have either gone straight to Ubers or sat in UU. The highest one has ever made it was OU, that being Jirachi. But for every Jirachi we still get a Celebi and a Mew and occationally a Manaphy...
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    Breeding Leftovers!!!

    Hello all. Looking for a Pokemon to jump-start your breeding process? Well I may have what you're looking for. Most of these Pokemon have at least half of their stats as perfect, some even have up to five. If what you're looking for is on here then post below and I'll send you a PM to set...
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    GEN VI: Eevee with the Egg move Wish

    Hey all. I'm currently in search of an Eevee with the Egg move Wish. It could be of any random nature and of any random IVs just as long as it knows Wish. I can offer in return many HA Gible's of varying Perfect IVs and Natures, many Bagon of varying Perfect IVs and Natures, and many...
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    OFFERING: WIN2011 Celebi and SMR2010 Jirachi

    Hello members of Bulbagarden GTC. I am here asking for a couple of rare Pokemon in return for a few more rare Pokemon. I am offering: Lv. 50 WIN2011 Celebi - Slightly trained, unknown EVs. Modest Nature. 31 SpD IVs Lv. 5 SMR2010 Jirachi - Slightly trained, unknown EVs. Timid Nature. 31...
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    GEN VI: WANTED: Deoxys, Shaymin, Darkrai

    Hello members of Bulbagarden GTC. I am here asking for a couple of rare Pokemon in return for a few more rare Pokemon. I am asking for: Deoxys - Natures and IVs not important. Preferably untrained. Must be legit. Shaymin - Natures and IVs not important. Preferably untrained. Must be legit...
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    RUMOUR: Pokemon Next Gen

    Pokemon Plus and Minus: Found on MyNintendoNews.com here I plan to do more research and add more info to the OP if any is found. Originates from Dual Pixels. Link to original story here