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  1. Mintaka

    Non-Mafia: War Room Murder Mystery 3 - GAME ENDS, LIFE WINS

    War Room Murder Mystery 3 ...I mistook it as 'Mystery Murder' in the last game and all this time -_-; Amidst a relaxing party in the central building of The War Room, members are shocked to find a dead body. Seven do not have alibis. Soulmaster mumbles nervously. Kyriaki quietly sips her...
  2. Mintaka

    Mafia: War Room Mafia: Revelations - Live Life - NEW AGE (TOWN) WINS - Ratings&Etc stuff

    War Room Mafia: Revelations A.k.a. War Room Mafia 6 Damn, I actually made two trilogies out of this. We have come a long way. WRM1 - WRM2 - WRM3 - WRM4 - WRM5 Settings: January 2015, long time after the events of WRM 4 RULES Host can take actions necessary to run the game smoothly...
  3. Mintaka

    What anime is this image from?

    Sometimes you come across an anime character's picture, or a scene in an anime. It looks awesome, but you cannot seem to find what anime is the scene is from! (It often happens to me, because I see lots of Anime characters in avatars and I haven't seen a lot of anime myself, and sometimes I'm...
  4. Mintaka

    Reply to the above question with an image!

    Rules for this thread are simple. You post a question - preferably ones that don't require a long answer - and then when someone answers it, they answer with an image. Images can be GIFs if you wish. In case of images that are huge in size and/or file size, please place them inside Spoiler Tags...
  5. Mintaka

    Cancelled: Choice Mafia - Cancelled

    CHOICE MAFIA It is said that sometimes, a choice makes the difference between life and death. In a small crowd, so much can happen if you killed the wrong person. So much can happen if you trusted the wrong person. RULES * Sportsmanship. Please keep the game enjoyable for everyone. Don't...
  6. Mintaka

    ATTENTION: Continuing Social Group Cleanup

    The cleanup of Social Groups will continue. We are planning to delete Social Groups in the following order. 1. Inactive or Rulebreaking Groups. 2. Duplicate Groups. 3. Groups of which discussions are best suited for a forum section. 4. Locked Groups. Groups that had no new posts before the...
  7. Mintaka

    Non-Mafia: War Room Mystery Murder 2 - Soulmaster wins!

    War Room Murder Mystery 2 (Ideas and Mechanics borrowed from Hellion’s game) The seven suspects find Hellion murdered, his body found on the stairs leading to the War Room HQ. Feralize gasps. Mintaka collapses to the ground. Paperhorse covers her mouth in shock. Rayne remains silent. Zenax...
  8. Mintaka

    Mafia: War Room Party (5th game) - Finally over, Town victory

    War Room Party (a.k.a. War Room Mafia 5) So okay, last time we left off, the Veterans lost the fight against the ‘New Age’ members. This time, however, let’s take a moment to take a deep breath and relax. And think about something more of a fun and happy occasion instead of a fight, shall we...
  9. Mintaka

    Halloween Party 2012!

    Welcome to the Bulbagarden Halloween Party! Please read these rules before posting ---------- Participants will choose a character, object, anything, and create a new account. Accounts must be linked to your main account and cannot be used outside this thread. Posts here shall be in-character...
  10. Mintaka

    *Tag* You're it V2 (Begone Foul Spirit! Plague this thread no longer!!)

    I liked this thread so I'm making a second version. In your posts, Mention a user @(USERNAME) ; and ask them a question in each of your posts. If you were mentioned in this thread and want to reply to the question(s), feel free! Just remember to Mention another person and ask them a...
  11. Mintaka

    A new moderator joins the team!

    Hello everyone, I am honered to welcome Bouffalant Herdier; , the newest staff member for Fun and Games. We look forward to his contributions to the subforum, as well as making it a fun place for everyone. Please join us in congratulating him! :)
  12. Mintaka

    Notice: Games Index and Co-Host/Mentoring Program

    Overview Welcome to the Game Index, where you can keep an eye on our current and upcoming mafia and non-mafia games. Hosts may use this thread to post the progress of their game (work in progress, taking signups, currently running, finished or paused). Users may also sign up to the...
  13. Mintaka

    Mafia: War Room Mafia BYOB - Live and Learn - NEW AGE WINS - ratings are up

    War Room Mafia – BYOB Veterans VS ‘New Age’ BYOB = Bring Your Own Brainwave. Brought back by a popular demand, a new story for War Room Mafia begins! Settings: Late June, 2012 Ahem! Today, I’m going to tell you the story of the War Room…oops, wrong line. It is common knowledge that the realm...
  14. Mintaka

    War Room Awards 2012 - Prizes for the Winners

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for your patience, now we have banners for the winners! Best Town Performance - Paperhorse; Havendale Mafia 2 Best Mafia Performance - Zenax; Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Mafia Best Independent Performance - Baron Dante; and...
  15. Mintaka

    Misc Simple Questions / Simple Answers Thread

    Ever wished to ask other users for a simple advice, but wanted a thread where your questions could be more noticeable? In this thread, you can ask a simple question, of which topic does not belong to other sections. Questions that can be answered with a single reply, or a relatively short...
  16. Mintaka

    Axis Powers Hetalia Thread

    Link to one of the Hetalia wikis, for assistance for discussions if needed. While it relies a lot on stereotypes, I just enjoy the show for easy laughter, and for how the characters depict the stereotypes. This thread is for discussion of the series. Feel free to discuss the series here...
  17. Mintaka

    Welcome to Outside the Box! (Updated 29/11/13)

    Welcome to Outside the Box, more commonly known by the nickname OtB! What goes here? OtB hosts topics that do not belong in other subforums. Common issues in life, experiences in school, etc. *To blog or not to blog? Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether a topic is better to post in this...
  18. Mintaka

    Welcome three staff members!

    I am pleased to welcome Octy; back to Life, the Universe, and Everything staff. Under request, she had left the LUE team for a certain period, to assist forum areas in which her help was more needed. Also, Insanish Danish; and Jo The Marten; has joined the modship of Romance Advice. Both of...
  19. Mintaka

    Count to 200 while clapping for 3, 6, and 9

    This is based on a game that I played in real life with friends. Basically the goal is to count to 200, but a catch: For numbers that have 3, 6, or 9 in their digits (etc. 6, 13, 19, 56, 131, 169), they CANNOT be mentioned. Instead, the person claps for the number of times 3, 6, or 9...
  20. Mintaka

    About Counting Games

    To Fun and Games visitors, Thanks for your cooperation and patience regarding counting games. We are now allowing counting games in the subforum, under the following rules": 1. There can only be up to three running counting games at once. If a fourth counting game thread is posted when there...