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  1. Lone_Garurumon

    Kingdom of Pokémon [v10]

    The above post is considered invalid because it downvotes the same user (NMLewis) as the post above it. @Yours Truly, please try to keep that in mind in the future ok? As such, the list made by the post above Yours Truly's is being used for this post. Elementar 11 -> 10 NMLewis 12 Max1996 11...
  2. Lone_Garurumon

    Kingdom of Pokémon [v10]

    Elementar 7 -> 6 Pika_pika42 6 Lord Fawful 6 Black Zetsu 5 Great Glaceon 8 -> 7 Water Max 1 Rainbow Cloud 6 Maniacal Engineer 2 Princess Luna 1 ->2 Just a general reminder to make sure to check both your last post and the last post in general to make sure you're not downvoting the same people...