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    Error in the pokedex?

    in sun/moon , from what i see if a pokemon has no evolutions, it has its own page and it completes the page after that capture.. but i just captured a tauros, and the pokedex page that appeared on the registering of the capture has something that doesnt belong.. outside of going in number...
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    Looking for Diancie, Can give Shiny Gengar Code

    I am looking for a Diancie download code since you cant GTS them.. all i can offer is a download code for the shiny gengar.. i dont exactly have a powerhouse team of pokemon that i could really offer...
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    Theories on the Use of the N Intro in the dub

    Id love to hear some theories on the sudden use of the N intro being used for 3 straight episodes, with the beyond intro only being used once (once could be thought of as a mistake, twice is odd, 3 weeks is almost, how can they not know at this point) maybe they are prepping a new intro for...
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    Upcoming Movie Voice Acting

    Voice Actor Vic Mignogna tweeted that he just finished recording a LEAD ROLE for an upcoming pokemon movie last week.. now the only movie we havent seen in thw states is the kyrum movie.. but there doesnt seem to be a fit on what lead role he could play there, so is it something else? could...