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  1. SobriquetP

    Shiny for EV training

    Sooo... I am super-incredibly lazy and do not have the attention span to EV train three of my Pokemon. If anyone would be willing to super train all three for me, I would gladly part with any of the following. Offers: ★Totodile ★Bulbasaur ★Seel Breeding leftovers Mawile Litwick My FC is...
  2. SobriquetP

    GEN VI: Searching for Eggs for an Egg-Through

    I have delayed playing Omega Ruby since I have been super busy lately and have only beaten the first Gym. Since I ran with pretty much my "Dream Team" in Y, I find myself looking to get six random eggs from different people with no idea what is in them and making them my main-game team. So...
  3. SobriquetP

    The above Avatar goes on a Pokemon journey

    This game is simple, the avatar of the post before yours decides to go on a Pokemon journey. Name anywhere from 1-3 Pokemon that compliment the above user's Avatar. Some conditions: 1. They have to be different species (No two are the same) 2. Try to keep Legendaries down to one max per post...
  4. SobriquetP

    GEN VI: Looking for terrible Speed IV Ghosts

    As the title states, I am looking for poor speed IV ghosts for breeding purposes. They do not have to be 0 (Though that would be amazing) they just need to be bad enough for the stat judge to warrant a negative reaction. Some breeding leftovers I have include: 5IV Adamant Drillburs 5IV...
  5. SobriquetP

    Thread Necroing

    I am not sure if this is specifically stated anywhere, but what is the general consensus on how long a thread can sit before it is considered necroing the thread. There are some fun threads, but I am not sure if they should be avoided for stagnation or if I could try to raise them from the...
  6. SobriquetP

    GEN VI: Shiny Charmander

    Looking for a shiny charmander for a friend. Stats are not really a priority. To offer, I am willing to trade 3-4 pokes. I do not have too many legendaries, but I do have some others that are non-Kalos natives some which include: Porygon, Misdreavus, Castform, Tropius, Feebas, Any starter...
  7. SobriquetP

    GEN VI: Ditto Safari

    I really, really hate to ask, but I am looking for a Ditto Friend Safari. My Safari is sadly Bug, but I have other Pokemon to offer: HA Fennekin HA Froakie HA Klefki All Starters from previous games Misdreavus Teddiursa I can breed for any nature if there is one preferred. There are a...
  8. SobriquetP

    Tapatalk Register DoB

    So I used the advertised Tapatalk app to register here. Thing is though, I think it pulled a DoB out of thin air. I don't really know if it matters much, and it does not bother me to have the wrong DoB (it looks like it is only Month and Day anyways) but if I need to change it I probably need...
  9. SobriquetP

    GEN VI: Mawilite (Can be Closed)

    Hello fellow Bulbanians. This is probably asking a little much, but my absolute favorite Pokemon has to be Mawile. So when I heard that Mawile had a Megavolution I almost had my brain shut down. So the point is, I do not want to play through the final moments of the game without a...