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    GEN VI: Looking for hawlucha friend safari.

    As the title says, I'd like some help from anyone who have a flying safari with this pokemon and its hidden ability. I need it to start a shiny hawlucha hunting.
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    GEN VI: Friend Safari

    Looking for Friend safaris with the following pokemon: Charmeleon, pansear, fletchinder, pikachu, riolu. Anyone who can add me would be very appreciated. Friend Code: 0104 - 4278 - 4482
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    GEN VI: Looking for moon ball gligar and Hidden Abilities

    As the title said, I'm looking for some pokemon: - A moon ball gligar, female, for breeding purposes. The ability isn't important, but I won't complain if it have immunity; - A protean froakie/frogadier, female, on a dive ball, for breeding purposes; - An infiltrator inkay. Preferably female...
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    GEN VI: Does someone have a HA cyndaquil and HA murkrow to spare?

    I recently started to play Omega Ruby and I'd like to use these fellas to complete my team. Since this is my first time playing a Gen VI game, I haven't much to offer aside these HA I got from Wonder Trade: HA feebas HA scraggy HA sandile I got some itens like 2x air ballons and some evolution...
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    Re-teach moves

    Need someone with B2W2 to re-teach sky uppercut to my 2 gliscors (I'll attach heart scales on them). I'm offering heart scales.
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    September and october episode summaries.

    Here the new summaries. There is until the Chimchar Vs. Zangoose episode. http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/7985/1190202546704yf8.jpg
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    August summaries

    The summaries of next episodes. Any clue about captures or gyms? I don't know. Translations, please! http://img154.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1186574916215lp6.jpg